America must free the innocent at Gitmo

Even if that means on America soil

Many things make me proud of America, many of which make possible what I am most proud of.

Before we could make liberty possible outside the borders of the United States, we had to reap the benefits of what made prosperity possible inside the United States.

Judeo-Christian values, brilliant Founding fathers, and the courage of millions to press toward the mark of those values and the ideals expressed in the Declaration made us the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

What we accomplished for Liberty in the Lower Forty-Eight would be what makes me second most proud of these United States.

But what we have sacrificed for Liberty for non-Americans is what makes me most proud (see Europe, The Philippines, Japan, Korea, Grenada, Nicaragua, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan).

And the occasion for my expression of this pride at this moment in time relates to a particular and very small minority of non-Americans to whom we must now confer the liberty we have so selflessly conferred on others in the past.

But first, I would direct your attention to the millions of Japanese and Germans we defeated in WWII. All those of Soviet, Chinese, East European, Cuban, Iranian and Vietnamese descent we have liberated and granted asylum.

Now, we come to a few Afghans that were captured after 911 that were in the wrong place in Afghanistan at the wrong time that we admit have no connection to al Qaida, five to seven years after their capture.

As a point of reference, the author of this column is a neo-con, pro-executive war powers hawk that favors wide commander-in-chief powers to identify and KILL the enemy, understanding that innocents will be killed.

So, here we are, seven years on, with innocents captured, that we now are satisfied are innocents but that no country will repatriate.

What are we to do?

It is obvious. We must set them free in the Land of Liberty.

That the liberation is being done by a President that doesn’t understand Liberty is of no consequence on the bottom line issue of what America MUST do.

This is not about appeasing the opinion of any foreign power. This is about what we are.

Time matters, and even the Bush administration admitted that certain individuals were innocent but that they could not get their home nations to agree to repatriate them.

We must set them free among us, even if by the Obama Administration. The fact is that just as we obviously kill innocents in justifiable acts of war, we also capture innocents, and when we are satisfed that they are innocent, and when no other nation will accept them, then we must grant them asylum.

And if the Reagan-defined “safety net for the truly needy” finds them engulfed thereby, then we must feed them.

We are the United States of America.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report