Huckleberry Hound reality bites Obama agenda

The Dawn of Blue Dawg Democrat Power?

Cockstradamus, Gamecock’s erstwhile prognosticating alter ego, read the usually eternal optimist DeVine’s Winter of Discontent survives Vernal Equinox gloom and doom entry over the weekend and immediately ended Sabbatical II in Cancun to crow at the Dawn of Reality Bites meets Huckleberry Hound, and a few I told you so’s given that PBS and the History Channel still prefer Medieval Nostradami.

Last year, before the optimistic cocknosticator’s Sabbatical I was necessitated by fairness due to his call for an end to pessimistic, self-defeating conservative polls and predictions as Election Day approached, the poultry oracle was ridiculed for suggesting that the global warming religion was on the $4/gallon gasoline fast track to becoming a national joke and that even Democratic Party majorities would not be able to enact carbon taxes or cap and trade legislation.

Soon after his New Year’s Eve predictions for 2009, Cockstradamus launched Sabbatical II in the safer for chickens environment south of the border (USA eats less beef during recessions and Mexican poultry workers dominate US factories), yours truly suggested, to some conservative scorn, that the reality of the worsening recession would make it possible, not only to re-brand the GOP apart from failed liberal policies in time for massive gains in 2010, to actually prevent portions of the Obama agenda from being enacted into law.

Reality’s first bites into that agenda over the weekend was much like that of pooches into Postmen, with Obama, Pelosi and Reid in the role of mail carriers:

Senate Democrats forced Barack Obama to choose between two break-the-bank policies for this year. The White House apparently surrendered on cap-and-trade in order to get started on a massive overhaul of the nation’s health-care delivery system.

Obama thinks he can get a few moderate Republicans to go along on health care reform, probably more than just the Porkulus 3, if he steers a centrist course. Cap-and-trade has problems even among Democrats, especially in the Rust Belt and in coal-producing areas, and its impact on the economy makes it a non-starter in this session of Congress.

Even the health-care effort will get curtailed, likely as a result of the massive government spending already undertaken by Democrats this year. Instead of moving forward with a comprehensive plan to socialize the health sector, Obama wants to work around the edges this year. Obama has apparently learned that lesson from Hillary Clinton’s abortive attempt to nationalize the health sector in 1993-4.

That may put off the rest of his reforms until 2011, though. Obama will not want to impose a nationalized system in an election year, especially if he’s performing as badly then as he has in the last two months. Republicans are already licking their chops for the midterms, and a major socialist initiative will be exactly what they need to compete for control of the House. That probably pushes cap-and-trade to 2011, too.

It is instructive that the realization by Generation X, defined by the 1994 film Reality Bites, that their generation’s present and future prosperity is under the greatest threat from failed liberal policies, has driven many of their democratic party congressmen and congresswomen to take huge bites out of the Obama agenda so early.

Yes, in his first 60 days he ended welfare reform as we know it; mortgaged the future to the tune of a $750B non-stimulus bill; $450B omnibus pork bill; crashed the stock market by 25% by demonizing capitalists; and insulted Britain and France.

But the overreach is now obvious, especially given the other signs of Dawn and the realities causing the light to shine on the disaster Obama’s agenda would portend:

The reality that Obama’s budget would explode the deficit from a Bush worse $400B to a whopping $1.8 TRILLION.

That in less than three weeks after the rushed passage of the Stimulus Bill, Democrats have been bitten by unread except by Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) Amendment protecting AIG bonuses, prompting fears of being shot by future smoking guns in the Massive Budget.

Obama indicates opposition to 90% Bill of Attainder tax on AIG and some innocent bystanders given reality that they need private partners that wouldn’t want pre-nups thrown out.

Federal Reserve, unhappy with the non-stimulus bill, desperately prints a trillion dollars last week to try and save America from a lazy, incompetent Obama Treasury.

Generic congressional preference poll numbers show the GOP leads the Democrats for the first time in years

Four weeks ago, it was conventional wisdom that Obama would get his cap and trade and socialized medicine containing budget within weeks. Now, cap and trade is dead and health care reform goals are delayed and scaled back.

Evan Bayh formed a gang of more than ten democrat senators to oppose cap and trade. You don’t have to be a blue dawg to eschew higher gas, oil, heating costs and the bankrupting of the coal industry. Blue Dawg dems in the house are flexing their muscle as well, armed with CBO budget estimates that predict the bankrupting of America.

Obama hoped to put off the trillion dollar remedies for what ails the housing and credit markets so he could rush through his vague “fundamental change” campaign promises that turn out to be a European style government directed economy with a glass ceiling on prosperity.

Reality bit last week and global warming in general, much less the man breathing variety became a joke (poll confirmed by the poll obcessed) sometime between Day 46 and Day 47 of the most ground days covered by snow winter just passed.

Even CBS News is spewing less fog for Foghorn Leghorn to translate, as Steve Croft accuses the President of being punch drunk on 60 Minutes.

At that moment on Sunday night, Sabbatical II ended for Cockstradamus; Foghorn Leghorn announced Croft’s failure to ask Obama about signing the AIG bonuses into law and left for Cancun to use up the rest of the pre-paid previous hotel site of the Sabbatical and Huckleberry Hound went back into syndication for the first time since The Great Communicator reasoned with Huck’s Boll Weevil cousins to save American capitalism in the 70s and defeat an evil empire.

Reality based conservatism wins every time it is contrasted with failed liberal policies. Been a long time since Americans got the 1970s-80s lesson of contrasts.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report