The death of non-CEO/AIG moral outrage (even if its not about sex)

Or, the continuing revenge of the eggheads for the conviction of Alger Hiss (pictured)

The primary responsibility for the current economic crisis lies with elected Democrats in the White House in the late 90s and in Congress in the late 90s through today that coerced lenders to make mortgage loans to borrowers that couldn’t afford the loans and then guaranteed the loans with taxpayer dollars.

Since the crisis began last September, Democrats in Congress, with the aid of their propagandists in the Drive-by media, have avoided responsibility for their outrageous destruction, measured in the trillions of dollars, by diverting the public’s gaze toward puny outrages of bit players in the private sector, measured in the millions.

Not that million dollar outrages can’t be worthy of reporting. We just think that its more outrageous when President Obama, of the $3.4 trillion budget to fundamentally change America, due to the crisis that is no longer a crisis, seeks to save $500 million+ by requiring wounded war veterans to pay for their medical care via their own insurance (including deductibles) than for millions to be paid under private insurance company contracts.

But I digress.

What of the trillion dollar outrages perpetrated by the President and the Democrats in Congress that conduct more hectoring CEO show trials than shows worthy of being nominated for Oscars produced in Hollywood?

The liberal domination of the press gives cover to Democrats no matter the dollar denomination of their outrages nor the level of depravity of their behavior. Most press accounts reporting misconduct of elected Democrats don’t even mention the party affiliation of the “Mayor of Detroit”, “Senator of Connecticut” or “Senator of Massachusetts”.

William Bennett’s “Death of Outrage” recounted the complicity of the press with elected Democrats in down playing the crime of perjury by; and the seduction of a young intern in the fiduciary custody of, a Democrat President of the United States. That same press and party perpetrated the Big Lie that Bill Clinton’s successor lied to take us to war when the same intel relied upon by Clinton in Operation Desert Fox turned out to be wrong after our post-911 invasion of Iraq.

That same press and Democratic Party had more outrage against a rogue guard shift at Abu Ghraib than for the slaughterer of millions by a man named Saddam Hussein; more outrage for 30 seconds of fake drowning of KSM than for KSM’s killing of thousands in NYC, DC and PA. More outrage for the possibility of library record perusals than gratitude for peace in the Lower Forty Eight for seven years.

Surprised? Don’t be.

This is the same party that abandoned the South Vietnamese to slaughter; is bought and paid for by the abortion lobby; favored the Communists over the Contras; and whose President wants to bankrupt the coal industry.

Finally, this is the same liberal press that vilified Whittaker Chambers for daring to be a witness against convicted of perjury communist Hiss; demonized Nixon for discrediting the egg head appeasers they revered; and who to this day deny Hiss’s guilt despite Soviet records that confirm same beyond a reasonable doubt.

Outrages are legion.

Conservatives need to re-direct attention to the outrages more worthy of out attention and most of them have “D” after their names. Conservatives must eschew the nomenclature of “honorable friend” from the dishonorable whose outrages hurt the poor and middle class; dishonor the troops and imperil the health of the nation.

It was dishonorable for Democrats to kill welfare reform in the stimulus. It is dishonorable to quadruple the budget deficit as a percentage of GDP in one year. It is dishonorable to cut defense spending while we are at war.

And if the contact bonuses at AIG are outrageous, wasn’t it outrageous for Obama and Geithner not to condition the latest installment of bailout aid on eliminating them? But then we learn that Obama and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) knew of the bonus contracts and actually put a provision in the Stimulus bill to protect those bonuses. Guess which two senators got more campaign money from AIG over the past several years? Obama and Dodd.

So, elected Republicans, quit being nice. Passivity in the face of outrage is, well outrageous.

Act like it.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Examiner.com and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report