The I miss Mark Kilmer Sunday Show open thread

What a service Mark treated us to every Sunday. His comments and diaries were also wonderful, and are also missed, but the missing really hit me just now, as I wanted to trash Crist’s performance on MTP as I know Mark would.

Knowing that Mark would inform me of all that mattered on the Sunday Shows was a real blessing that made the life of a geek political junkie more manageable. God bless Mark’s family.

I, like Mark, have been addicted to the Sunday Shows for decades. It started for me with Lawrence Spivak on MTP. The best ever as This Week when David Brinkley and George Will asked the questions. Will is the best questioner by far. So good that ABC stopped subjecting Democrats to his questions.

Of course we loved Russert and miss him.

I must say though that David Gregory is great. He is fair. He understands conservatism and seems to respect the ideas and he asks great questions of all.

Loved Sanford and Jindal today.