Read Stimulus Bill (to Obama Dems) in a year

Yesterday in Denver, President Barack Obama signed the much ballyhooed 1079-page government-growth-ulus bill that neither he nor Congress had time to read before enacting it into law.

As one of their We the People bosses, Gamecock suggests a group reading on the order of the “reading the Bible through in a year” programs or public library book clubs. For instance, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library is in the middle of a community read of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” just now.

Would that all that needed to be killed in this alleged economic “stimulus” bill were a single bird.

The bill more resembles a pig giving the American people the finger. Most of the negative publicity for portions of the bill that Republican opposers revealed has been pork, but this War and Peace length tome contains many more significant plot twists and turns than mere Bar-be-que fodder.

In order to read the bill through before New Year’s Day 2010, beginning on Monday, February 23, 2009 we would have to read only 24 pages per week. I would suggest that one read five pages per day on weekdays and spare yourselves the torture of possible ruined weekends.

To compare the burden to Bible readings, my KJV version of Holy Scripture is 1291 pages long, requiring the reading of a mere six pages per weekday beginning next week.

But while you will encounter no six-day creations nor parting of Red Seas, you will discover the respective resurrections of the Great Depression-causing Smoot-Hawley II (Buy America provision requirement on all federal contracts) and Welfare as we used to loathe it.

You will marvel at the miracle-like 30% growth in the welfare state, the saving of state and federal government jobs that your taxes will have to pay for and the creation of greenie extremist lawyer and bureaucrat jobs to kill private sector jobs via environmental impact studies and lawsuits for small animals.

There will be no building of Towers of Babel, Tennessee Valley Authorities nor Hoover Dams, but you will see the exponential growth of babbling government meddlers in your business to the tune of 300,000. That is 295,000 more than Christ fed with his loaves and fishes.

President Obama and his bosses Pelosi and Reid are busy people with busy “work” trips to, respectively, rescue mortgage scofflaws in Phoenix, compare notes on socialism in Paris and study Las Vegas-Hollywood high-speed rail lines for idle rich boondoggles. But what happens in D.C. and Denver must not stay in D.C. and Denver.

We the People rule here. Let’s read the handiwork of our employees together. But let us write the final chapter:

Fire the lot of them that saddled us and our progeny with this burden and elect new yea/nay voters that will repeal the monstrosity.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report</a