Black History (at Howard University last) Month

The Pathology (of the left, and especially in Black America) III

There was a time for widespread government initiated affirmative action and Black History Month. That time passed over twenty years ago, with the election of Barack Obama as the first black President being the result of the proof of the passing of the need, not the cause.

The underlying reason for the need was the prevalence of white racism as a significant factor in preventing blacks from achieving the American dream. We celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday as a national holiday because of his successful civil rights movement that brought an end to de jure, or legal, racial discrimination.

This majority white nation Congress passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act; made Sanford & Son, Cosby and Oprah its most prominent cultural icons in the 70s-2000s; and elected and re-elected Republican presidents that made blacks national Security advisers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretaries of State in the 80s-2000s; all before the Obama Inauguration.

In that process of growth in which the vast majority of whites embraced MLK’s moral argument for character content judgment, whites were rightly forced to shed their racist pathologies in public. No more would hatemongers be given mainstream status. No more could unrepentant (and even most of the repentant) white racists be serious contenders for cultural, much less electoral acceptance.

Last Spring, we suggested that the prominence of Obama’s candidacy (and especially the revelations of the racist and hateful anti-American statements of his mentor and pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright) would force many leftist, but especially the sub-set of black pathologies to be exposed and dealt with.

Then candidate Obama was forced give three speeches on race and to disassociate himself twice from the man whose first sermon he heard inspired his first autobiography.

But the black community was still given a pass by the media. Otherwise, how can we explain the invitation to speak, on the day before Inauguration Day, from the most prominent predominately black university in the United States to a man that:

a) calls his country “G-d damned”America;
b) accused his country of bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki without batting an eye;
c) characterized 911 as America’s chickens coming home to roost; and
d) generally and specifically accused the United States as always having been and still being a white racist country complete with outrageous conspiracy theories to boot.

Reverend Wright, joined with such other prominent black leaders as John Lewis (D-GA) and Charlotte’s Mel Watt (D-NC) is suggesting that America was too racist to elect a black man as President.

How could such men be so out of touch?

Part of the reason is that the drive-by media shields their community from deserved criticism of their left wing kooky statements. I am reminded of Lewis (a true American hero for his role in the Civil Rights movement, esp at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama) in his floor speech in the 90s when he accused Newt and the GOP of “coming for your children” when they merely reduced the increase in the school lunch program.

Another part of the reason is that drive-by media and many poverty pimps of both races perpetuate the myth of widespread white racism.

It is part of the Big Lie program of the left and its main organ, the national Democratic Party.

Rev. Wright is a disgrace. It was a disgrace for Obama to have his family in a church for 20 years that gives standing ovations to racist hatemongers incl. Wright and Louis Farrakhan. It is a disgrace that Rev. Wright is not considered persona non grata in January of 2009.

American history has always been a history of white and black. A black man was the first casualty of the Revolutionary War in which blacks fought side by side with whites, as they have in all of Americas wars. Blacks were instrumental in freeing themselves from slavery. Blacks became the 13th most prosperous group on earth from 1865-1965 despite Jim Crow.

And with the election of President Obama, they have climbed to the highest rung of the ladder.

Yet, the drive-by media gives Howard University and Rev. Wright a pass that the segregationists of the 60s did not deserve and did not get. I am especially disturbed by this statement of Wright at HU that was not put in context:

Obama, he said, had freed himself from “other people trying to put him in a prison, defining him as they saw him.”

To do so, Obama also had to free himself from Rev. Wright and his kind that scare blacks into thinking so many whites are racist that they can’t make it in America without poverty pimps challenging “The Man.”

When will the black community shed such vile pathologies and ostracize their kooks like most whites (the leftist media still protects many of the 60s radical kooks as mainstream), and all conservatives and republicans?

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report