Dems' gangs massacred by St. Valentine's Day

Eighty years ago today, Al Capone’s South Side gang executed seven rival gang members in cold blood as part of its Chicago war with Bugs Moran’s rival North Side criminal enterprise. The names of the victims were: Gusenberg, P; Gusenberg, F; Kachellek; Heyer; Schwimmer; May and Weinshank.

The 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre shocked the conscience of Prohibition Era America and proved to be the beginning of the end the reign of Chicago’s “Scarface” Southsider. Capone was imprisoned for tax evasion two years later due to the efforts of Elliot Ness and his “Untouchable” Treasury Department agents.

Democrats couldn’t wait till the day for lovers.

Another Chicago South Sider came to power 24 days ago to lead mostly northern Democrat Party gangs in Washington. But while in the process of trying co-opt a weakened rival gang, President Barack “Cupid” Obama’s arrow missed the mark of all but three Untouchable Republicans leaving seven fellow gang members dead:

1) The Messiah
2) Hope
3) Change
4) Welfare Reform
5) U.S. military deterrence
6) Most Blue dogs
7) Credibility of the Census

Obama came to Washington promising a new politics and millions of new jobs. Like Capone and other messiahs, he promised a “piece of the action” to those that would follow; and offers they couldn’t refuse to those that wouldn’t. But the Un-Scarface invested too much trust to Bugsy Pelosi and Dingy Harry who gave out more prices of the action than Americans could stomach.

Exposed as unable to walk on water, or even to protect his own (Richardson, Daschel, et al), BHO resorted to The Big Lie that Republicans wanted to do nothing to stimulate the economy; welshed on his promise for bills to be on the web for public perusal for 5 days before passage; and overreached for control of the Constitutionally required counting of born persons.

The latter near criminal enterprise for a Con-Census drove formerly co-opted rival gang member Judd Gregg to betray his Don and return to a now re-branded as conservative GOP.

As the smoke clears from the 2009 pre-Valentine’s day massacre, the blurring of the lines between the parties due to GOP spending excesses of the past eight years are blurred no longer. The Democrats are once again the king of expanding government; values anathema to most Americans; weakness on foreign policy; and incompetence.

The Honeymoon was over a week ago, but Valentine’s Day once again proves to be a potent relationship killer.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report