Drive-By's can't abide crime drop by conservative means

The Charlotte Observer’s vendetta against the new police chief (pictured), that has made the Queen City safer, continues.

Originally published by Mike “gamecock” DeVine as Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner for Examiner.com

First, it was the validity of his college degree, an irrelevancy given his sterling decades long record police chief in Richmond, Virginia.

Now, its the validity of the sharp drop in crime coincident with his first six months in office.

Let us review:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s crime rate has risen every year for more than decade before Rodney Monroe was hired in the Summer of 2008

Chief Monroe instigated new policies and tactics including more foot patrols; flooding high crime areas with foot and vehicle patrols and personally confronting known criminal recidivists

Crime drops a dramatic 7.8% for the second half of 2009

What’s not to like?

Well, for the liberal drive-by media, a lot.

Chief Monroe dares to combat crime the old fashioned way rather than with liberal touchy feely excuse giving social programs.

The drive-by media, including its dead-tree version in Charlotte operate according to two main rules: Never let liberalism be discredited and never let conservatism be seen as the reason for successful results.

Hence, the recent slander against Monroe for allegedly changing the way crime statistics are counted. No evidence for the allegation mind you, just “questions”:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police this week reported good news: Crime in January dropped dramatically compared with last year, continuing a remarkable run of declining crime since Rodney Monroe became chief.

Monroe credits his in-your-face style of policing for the success.

But the streak is so good, it’s left some wondering whether police tactics alone could be responsible.

Some residents and criminal justice officials wonder whether the department might be counting or classifying crime differently than it used to.

“Some” wonder?

Never let a good deed go unpunished.

Keep up the good work Chief!

The Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner has the back of anyone that enforces the law and protects the civil rights of the citizens, especially the civil right to liberty less restricted by criminals.

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