Obama's pork rancid in Charlotte

Obama pork bypasses dangerous Interstate exit ramps in Charlotte

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The non-stimulating $1.2 trillion GovernmentGrowthulus/porkulus Obama-Pelosi-Reid bill will soon become law thanks to 327 Democrat and 3 Republican votes in the House and Senate. Barring a miracle, it is a fait accompli.

What is so sad is that Charlotte can’t even find a silver-lining in this dark cloud of a monstronsity of debt in any of the pork.

[At least FDR’s New Deal left us with improved infrastructure if not an end to the Great Depression and thank God we are blessed with the best BBQ in the Carolinas during the Obama depression, if we can afford it, but I digress…]

Regularly deprived of needed state road funds by the rural-Democratic Party dominated State legislature that has left our Interstate highway exchanges in 1960-70s antiquated-style conditions, we now get stiffed by the most generous helping of pork ever passed at any BBQ or by any government in world history.

One of the most striking things I have noticed since I moved to the Queen City two years ago, is how old and dangerous are Interstate highway ramps whose circle circumferences are too tight and so regularly result in tipped over tractor-trailer rigs (pictured on I-85 ramp in Mecklenburg County) that cause death, destruction and traffic delays.

More modern interstate highway exchanges have much wider and safer ramps.

We were told that this so-called stimulus bill would target “shovel-ready” projects that could put people to work immediately.

We were lied to.

Instead, we get funds allocated for more light rail in Charlotte. Nothing is more non-shovel ready than light rail. Nothing is more shovel-ready than interstate highway ramps, as they already have huge right-of-ways surrounding the existing interchanges.

Oh, but the residence hall at Davidson gets money for renovations. Davidson is a private college for the wealthy. It gets public funds while semi’s continue to tip over and kill people on public roads.

Very stimulating President Obama.

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