Obama's resort to The Big Lie

How many times in President Obama’s first press conference as President did he defend the stimulus bill by saying that the near unanimous Republican opposition is due to their desire to “do nothing”?

I lost count of recitations of the big lie tonight, just as I lost count over of the big lies over the last 40 years of all the times that Democrats told Americans that Republicans, if elected would starve the elderly and the poor and that black churches would burn.

The first question of the night was devastating:

And let me go to Jennifer Loven at [The Associated Press]. There you go.

Question: Thank you, Mr. President. Earlier today in Indiana, you said something striking. You said that this nation could end up in a crisis without action that we would be unable to reverse.

Can you talk about what you know or what you’re hearing that would lead you to say that our recession might be permanent when others in our history have not? And do you think that you risk losing some credibility or even talking down the economy by using dire language like that?

Unable to reverse? The United States of America?

He spoke for over ten minutes before calling on the next reporter for question number two, but never answered the question.

A president of the United States got called out as the anti-FDR, anti-George Washington and even anti-Abraham Lincoln. He must have realized at that moment when an AP reporter dared to commit the greatest slander one can commit against a Democrat by accurately quoting them that he was, at that moment, Jimmy Malaise Carter II.

Ten minutes of yak yak followed. He hope that so long an answer would make us all forget the question.

He was called out on his The Only Thing We Don’t Have to Fear is Obama Himself? and at that moment realized how insulting it sounded to many of his voters.

So he rambled for ten minutes plus.

Its hard to be a liberal Democrat. One simply can’t say what one actually believes. So one has to ramble for ten minutes and say nothing and forever repeat big lies.

The GOP has not advocated doing nothing but if the only two choices were this 25%+ GovernmentGrowthulus bill and nothing, then sign me up for the latter. But the GOP has advocated doing what has actually worked in the past to end recessions in the 1920s, 1960s, 1980s and 2000s, i.e. tax cuts, and especially those for those that actually create jobs.

But our President uttered The Big Lie numerous times that the only choice other than Pelosi’s bill is doing nothing.

Damn liar.

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