Scandal coverage squeezes out conservative-friendly stimulus substance

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report

Hypocrisy is a puny sin and men will always have feet of clay.

Modern day liberalism is a huge sin and there is limited time to defeat its most recent mortally dangerous to America stimulus bill iteration.

The latest example (Daschle, a mere potential appointee) of why any media coverage of scandals, even when the scandalous are Democrats (and even when they directly implicate the President himself – see picture as reminder), always hurts conservatives. Why? Because substance, i.e. facts and history, is always on our side but also requires more effort to communicate than the clay feet of humans.

Conservatism advances when Americans are focused on the flaws of liberal policies. Witness the past few weeks as Republicans succeeded in highlighting many of the most outrageous paens to extremist liberal interest groups in the Pelosi government growth bill.

We must not get sidetracked with hypocrisy obsessions focused on individual Democrats. They have tax paying replacements.

It is vital that we try and get a stimulus bill that would actually help hasten the end of this recession. It is a long shot, I admit. Why? Because the odds are that even if we strip out all the crazy bridges to nowhere and add all the supply side tax cuts we dream of, that what will remain will be the 30% permanent growth in government core of this monstrosity.

But every minute we focus on the sins of a would-be HHS Secretary or even the competence of President Obama’s administration to vet nominees, is a minute not focused on the mortal danger of this pending legislation that we have only a few weeks to kill or re-write to a point of acceptability.

America needs a real stimulus. The best way to achieve it is to focus on the actual provisions of the bill, not clay feet.

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