What is Obama president of again?

The UN? The BBC?

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report

Obama speaks in third person of United States as dictator

His first phone call after re-taking the Oath of Office prescribed for the office of President of the United States (this time sans Bible), was to the leader of the Palestinian Authority, whose Fatah Party does not recognize the right of Israel to exist.

Now, in his first television interview (with Al-Arabiya) after re-taking the Oath, President Obama seems to speak as President of some other entity while slandering my country:

“What I told him [Middle East envoy George Mitchell] is start by listening, because all too often the United States starts by dictating,” Obama told the interviewer

His reference to “dictating” is bad enough, but that he didn’t refer to the US as his country is coldly reminiscent of his “Citizen of the World” self-description during his campaign stop in Berlin, Germany (Obama pictured above in Berlin).

Does he see himself more as President of the World whose duty is to chastise a “United States” he feels no strong connection to? He spoke of “the United States” like he might speak of say Kenya.

I have written often in the past that many on the left love America, just not the actual America that has existed since 1776 and has an actual history. No, many on the left love an imaginary America that they think can be fashioned with socialist, appeasement policies and just the right kind of “smart” bureaucrats.

Obama’s disembodiment of himself from his Office to act as an international critic at large against “the United States as dictator” is especially disappointing coming on the heels of some excellent rhetoric in his Inaugural address praising the Founders and our history.

What has the United States “dictated” in the Middle East?

Somehow I don’t think President Obama bemoans the fact that President Bush refused to cooperate with Israel’s plan to bomb Iranian nuclear sites. Does he think President Clinton was the dictator when, with Israel’s agreement, offered Yassir Arafat all but pushing Israel into the Sea in 2000? Clearly Arafat was the dictator then. Are we dictating when we support Israel’s right to defend itself from attacks on their civilians from the Hezbos and Hamas?

Or is Obama referring to dictating to Saddam Hussein that he could not have Kuwait or commit genocide against the Kurds?

Obama made some great choices for his national security team during the transition, but since taking office he has exuded weakness to would be enemies of the United States like most elected Democrats do. Don’t worry Osama, if we catch you, we won’t harm a hair on your head and we’ll give you an OJ trial.

The deterrence of the United States, re-established with such success after 911 by President Bush, is withering away.

Vice President Joe Biden warned of an international test within six months.

President Obama’s aggression inviting weakness may move the exam up before Summer.

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