ObamaConstitution: Dead on Oath/Alive for Roe v Wade deaths

We finally found a provision of the Constitution that Barack Obama respects and that is not above his pay grade: The Oath of Office that is the prescribed moment of conception for live presidencies.

So serious did he deem the exact words required, that he re-took the oath 19 hours and 35 minutes from the same Chief Justice of the United States that flubbed his administrative task at Noon on Inauguration Day.

Too bad the millions of babies aborted since the fateful decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, 36 years ago today, can’t get a “do over.” (see depiction above of what results of do overs would look like in the president’s hands)

Yes, for President Obama, the words of the U.S. Constitution are set in stone when it comes to making damn sure his Presidency lives, but when it comes to the “least of these” he repeatedly promised to use government to help during the campaign and in pronouncements since, the Constitution “lives” so that that their non-Presidencies may be snuffed out.

The Oath of Office can’t be altered by one jot or tittle, but we can insert the word “choice” in place of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments so that its easier for a woman to make the BMW payments lest her mental health be harmed, even in month nine with the legs of “part of her body” dangling towards Earth, at the prospect of the cost of Pampers.

We were certainly no McCainiac, but we certainly voted for him with enthusiasm precisely due to the stark choice presented on the issue of life.

Moreover, before Obama re-took the Oath (predicted less than three hours after the flubbing on the podium by yours truly), we had documented his contempt for the framers of the Constitution on the day before his election:

“I think we can say that the Constitution reflected a (sic) enormous blind spot in this culture that carries on until this day and that the framers had that same blind spot…[and] [the U.S. Constitution] reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day.”

It was also passing strange that in the last few days leading up to Inauguration Day, Obama’s speeches and the Inaugural speech itself, contained voluminous praise for the values, principles and courage of the Founders; wisdom of the framers of the Constitution; reviews of the vast panoply of American history as heroic; as well as praise for the “doers and makers of things” in a paean to free market capitalism.

We give a tip of the hat to the President for all that, as it is all anathema to his far left supporters in the Democratic Party, that are also funded to a large degree by those whose greatest victory was Roe v. Wade. Their kind are the ones that regularly trash America as land of racists that have raped the poor. They have poisoned our school children’s minds for 40 years with a trashing of America’s founders as just slaveholders whose monuments should be torn down.

We are happy that a liberal Democrat descended from an African father could look past the fact that our founders were born into a world in which slavery existed, to see their great wisdom that made his prosperity and success possible. We will be sure to quote you to school children when your ideological allies contradict you in academia, film and the press.

But back to the millions of dead babies that would love the luxury of a dead Constitution that would protect their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as much as it protects the sanctity of presidential conceptions.

What you say Obama, are their lives still above your pay grade, like they have been for every other Democratic Party President and the vast majority of its leadership in Congress and its appointed judges?

Is the Constitution dead enough for an Oath, also dead enough for parents to be notified that their minor children are seeking abortions?

How about a re-do on your previous contempt for the document?

Do what your words of praise for the Framers at the Inaugural imply and save millions of lives!

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Examiner.com and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson