If Obama is so smart, then why is he still a liberal Democrat?

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report

Listening to Charles Krauthammer (pictured) describe the President-Elect, post-George Will supper, as smart, nimble and intellectually curious ad nauseum, reminds of just how useless certain words, like “smart”, can become.

Take the word “gentleman.” It used to actually convey information when it applied to British gentlemen of a certain station, but now conveys only the idea that the person describing such a person, subjectively likes them.

Nimble? Have we changed the subject to gymnastics?

Intellectually curious? Smart?

Since when, and surely ignorance is not mutually exclusive?

After all, Barack Hussein Obama was born 47 years ago. Has he ever been intellectually curious about the effects of JFK, Reagan and his immediate predecessor’s tax rate cuts on economic growth and tax revenues received? How about the effects of the aggression inviting weakness of Carter and Clinton?

Krauthammer says that Obama is professorial and thoughtful in the way he restates the positions of conservatism (with respect Charles says, and I do appreciate that) so that he can seek a middle ground with liberals, at least rhetorically.

But how “smart” is that? The liberal policies he and his party advocate are proven failures for at least the past 40 years.

Or is it that Obama doesn’t want private sector economic growth and doesn’t see Soviet Unions, 911s or Iranian mullahs as significant?

Does he have a religious-like commitment to certain collectivist values and is “smart” about fooling us all into electing him anyway?

I don’t think its smart to have been intellectually curious about the values of the Founders, the Constitution and the results of the policies of liberal Democrats vs. Conservative Republicans and come away either wanting to water down conservatism with failed liberal policies or rejecting our values and goals altogether in favor of fundamental change (see Socialism writ larger).

There are many kinds of smart. Those that score well on tests (memorization); move up the ladder within organizations (butt lickers); and/or reply to statements of others with witty, erudite retorts (use words with more than four syllables). There are those that are creatively smart.

But, as we have seen, at least since Adlai Stevenson through John Kerry, one can apparently possess all or most of the above and be operationally dumb on all the big issues. In fact, the most colossally stupid ideas seem to require that they be thought up by Ivy League PhD’s. Appeasement of discredited Egghead by Ike and wind surfer lost to Dubya!

All of the above evidences of “smartness” can be handy tools in the service of good policies and the transmission of good values. But isn’t it more important that one be wise, i.e. the ultimate smart, on the bottom line, i.e. results?

Reagan matriculated at Eureka College. He got “we win, they lose”; supply side economic growth; and SDI right. But he was never “smart enough” to convince the self-appointed declarers of smartness, that he was smart.

Haven’t those labeled smart by that crowd been our worst Presidents?

Yet, even our conservative pundits inside the beltway (Did I just stumble upon the key factor with that locale?) throw out the conventional wisdom conclusion as to Obama’s smarts as a reason we should be optimistic.

I, for one, would like to judge The One by his fruits. His first fruits don’t look so smart.

He wants energy independence but wants to restrict oil drilling and bankrupt the coal industry. All his stimulus bill will stimulate are government and lawyer jobs and environmental impact statements. And his statement that the CIA will be bound by the Army Field Manual is cause for celebration is Osama’s cave.

Obama is smart?

Didn’t smart used to be a synonym for pregnant?

Call me in nine months and let’s see the baby his smarts deliver.

So many of the smart people have falsely attacked Christians (especially evangelicals), Southerners as dumb and the GOP as anti-intellectual, racist, bigots and homophobes.

I thank God I was smart enough to leave the Democratic Party after 18 years in 2001. Before that, I was too dumb to ignore what my intellect told me was true about the smart people, i.e. that liberals project their own bigotry in defense of policies they have used to replace belief in God and to salve their egos and ameliorate misplaced guilt.

That’s not smart.

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