Holder not in Hillary's league on pardoning terrorists

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report

Once again the Stupid Party seems to determine to miss another opportunity to score endurable political points against the Vile Party by playing the conventional wisdom beltway games.

The conservative chattering classes have decided that the best cabinet nominee for a show trial to rough up the new President, is his choice for Attorney General, Eric Holder, due to his role as Deputy AG in President Bill Clinton’s pardons of FALN terrorists and the crook, Marc Rich.

Funny how a party symbolized by an Elephant that never forgets, forgets so much and misses so many elephants in their rooms:

How does Hillary fit into all of this? Well, she is the reason — the only reason — that the pardon [FALN terrorists] was ever granted. She had a senate race to win, after all, in a state with over 1 million Spanish-speaking voters. Characteristic of White House thinking at the time was an email sent by an adviser concluding that the pardons would be “fairly easy to accomplish and will have a positive impact among strategic communities in the U.S. (read, voters).”

The Clinton political marriage partnership required Bill to let Hillary (pictured above on the NY stump in 2000) try to socialize health care in America and to do what was necessary to advance her political career after his was over. In exchange, she agreed to help advance his political career by not divorcing him over bimbo eruptions.

It speaks volumes about the Democratic Party and the State of New York that Hillary determined that pardoning 16 members of FALN, a Puerto Rican terrorist group that was responsible for a string of armed robberies as well as 146 bombings that killed 9 people and injured hundreds in its quixotic fight for independence from the United States, would increase her chances of becoming a U.S. Senator from the Empire State.

But the GOP never seems to speak those obvious volumes about the rot of the Democratic Party.

Hillary is the ONLY reason there ever were FALN terrorists pardoned. Bill Clinton decided to pardon them. They were going to be pardoned no matter what i’s and t’s did or didn’t get dotted or crossed by Eric Holder.

Attorney Hillary Clinton wants to be Secretary of State and, like Holder, will have a confirmation hearing. She could be questioned much more broadly about issues related to this matter that would have far more political relevance to the battle between the parties for hearts ad minds of America voters than Holder.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was in the midst of her state-wide “listening tour” in anticipation of her run for the U.S. Senate in New York, a state which included 1.3 million Hispanics. Three members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus — Luis V. Gutierrez (D., Ill.), Jose E. Serrano, (D., N.Y.) and Nydia M. Velazquez, (D., N.Y.) — along with local Hispanic politicians and leftist human-rights advocates, had been agitating for years on behalf of the FALN cases directly to the White House and first lady.

The first lady called her failure to consult the Puerto Rican political establishment before assessing the entire issue a mistake “that will never happen again” — even as the cops who had been maimed and disfigured by FALN operations continued to be ignored.

Bill Clinton could and should be called as a witness. And I suspect that Holder himself could give some pretty damaging testimony as well, against them both.

But the Stupid Party is afraid of the Clintons, the Drive-By media, the PC Police and their own shadows, so they dare not displace a hair on their “honorable” colleague that they came so admire in contrast to Obama during the campaign.

After all, if Obama’s greatest qualification for the Presidency, including the power to chit chat with terrorists and the nation state sponsors, is that he ran a campaign for two years, surely Hillary’s two year operation qualifies her to be his head chit-chatter.

Eric Holder, who correctly advised soon after 911 that captured terrorists were not covered by the Geneva Convention and should not be entitled to POW status, and just a bit player in the pardons, on the other hand must be the Star player in the tired old Washington game of cabinet nominee show trials.

No matter the result of that trial, the GOP will gain no advantage on any issue that could help lead this country back in the right direction.

The GOP never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

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