Before you see it on your paystub, it belongs to Obama

Obama reluctant to “spend” tax cuts. Your income is his first.

Originally published by Mike gamecock DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report

Heee’s Baaack!


The Marxist writ large of spread the wealth; hike cap gains rates no matter that rate cuts increases revenues; bankrupt the coal industry and teach Americans a lesson via higher gasoline taxes.

Not Karl (pictured).

Rather, your President-Elect.

He was raised by a Marxist mom, the dream of his father was Marxism and he lectured Joe the Plumber on the intricacies of same during the campaign.

We shouldn’t be surprised.

Here is the President-Elect in an interview this week with John Harwood on CNBC:

HARWOOD: Do you expect that the tax cut portion of your plan is going to grow in consultation with Republicans in Congress as you try to build more support for your plan?

President-elect OBAMA: You know, the attitude that I’m going to apply to the tax cuts is the same one that I apply to the investment package. And that is, is this money well spent.

This is taxpayer money, it is going to be adding to the deficit short term. And if we can’t justify it, then we’re not going to spend tens or hundreds of billions of dollars just to make somebody happy if it’s not good for the economy. And I’m going to apply that same rule across the board.

Barack Obama will apply the same rule to money the government has already collected to money you haven’t even earned yet, because “this is taxpayer money” (translated: government’s money”.

He will insist that it, tax cuts, “is money well spent.”

The whole liberal democrat oxymoronic meme of “spending tax cuts” is back, only this time not in a kook minority of Maxine Waters or Charlie Rangal.

No, its the majority now.

You see, before you even earn your money, it belongs to the government first and they choose whether to “spend it” or let you keep it. This turns the whole idea of Liberty, private property rights and limited government that creates the wealth that made this the greatest nation in history on its ear.

Its too bad that the leftists don’t apply this rule to the unborn as in Jeremiah 1:5:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Instead, in the Book of Obama, its:

“Before you see it on the pay stub, I spent it.”

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