Obama as cool mute: One moral standard at a time

Obama as cool mute: One moral standard at a time

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report

Obama’s children don’t live in Israel or Gaza, but they did live in Chicago after 911. That didn’t stop him from favoring OJ trials for Osamas or echoing the bush lied crowd.

Even Hamas notes that the President-Elect denounced the terrorist attacks on Mumbai but can’t seem to bring himself to utter a discouraging or encouraging word in a no less morally clear circumstance.

That Obama said at the site of a Hamas terrorist attack in Israel that he would take all necessary measure if his daughters were targeted, should give no Israeli or American any comfort that the Democrat gets it, when it comes to protecting any geographic area occupied by his relatives.

Democrats not named Lieberman have shown for most every day of the past seven years if not seventy that they don’t get it.

That Obama pleads “one president at a time” in the face of the governmental choice of the Palestinians that target innocents vs Israel peaks volumes about Obama and his party’s moral blindness.

I shudder for the safety of my country when President Bush (moral giant pictured) loses the power to protect us on Inauguration Day 2009.

The national Democratic Party is a vile, morally and intellectually bankrupt organization and has been for all of my adult life, and probably has been since before the Civil War with exceptions to that bankruptcy interrupted only by exceptional individuals like Grover Cleveland, FDR and JFK.

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