Palestinian parents peeved no prime time for non-Pizza Hut non-suicides

Originally published by Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report

The Palestinian people are a death cult.

Three generations have been raised to view Jews an blood drinking animals that should be eliminated. Israel offered them a separate state and half of Jerusalem in 2000. They rejected it. Israel gave them Gaza. They held elections and chose to be governed by terrorists that has waged war against Israel from Gaza.

Parents of suicide bombers as young as the pictured baby are featured on Palestinian TV as heroes. I’ll never forget the celebration of a Palestinian teen that blew up herself and a Pizza Hut in Tel Aviv.

Such parents are peeved now that their children may die in their rocket launcher laden homes instead of a Pizza Hut with scores of young Israelis that just ordered pepperoni and extra cheese.

Do I have to repeat that to convey the depths of sickness in their culture?

These people are sick.

There can be no peace until they get their minds concentrated. The only way that will happen is after utter and devastating defeat. This is the lesson of history.

Israel has always been capable of delivering utter and devastating defeat but has never done so. Now, they say that this is all out war.

But is it?

I think not, because I know what all out war is, and it requires no ground assault.

The United States faced a death cult after Pearl Harbor. Millions of lived were saved thanks to the courage of President Truman to be willing to concentrate the minds of the Japanese people with two atom bombs. We did that to avoid a ground assault.

It took two bombs, so sick were the Japanese people in their death cult.

Israel doesn’t need to use nuclear weapons. They can deliver the blow with conventional weapons from the air. But they are not willing to do it.

Therefore, Israel is failing its people. Not too long in the future, this operation will end, and not far in the future, more Israelis will die at the hands of Palestinians again.

It will take more than removing rocket launchers and capturing and killing some Hamas leaders. The sickness of the whole people is deep. Radical surgery is required.

But what about the moderates, you may ask? Just saw one on CNN. She is an apologist for the radicals. Reminds me of the “good” slave owner in Uncle Tom’s Cabin that enabled the brutish Simon Legree.

I’ll never forget a Palestinian barber whose barber shop was destroyed the last time Hamas waged war against Israel, soon after the clarifying elections. He said that next time he would vote for those that wouldn’t cause his barber shop to be bombed. But there aren’t enough of his kind in the death cult.

We know what Lincoln had to do, that Sherman foresaw, to end that one.

20 years later, more Southerners volunteered for the Spanish-American War than any others. The Japanese love baseball.

Israel, want some good neighbors?

Concentrate their minds.

We are all supposed to get a pink glow of good feeling inside because Israel goes to such lengths to limit enemy casualties.

I don’t get that feeling because the duty of Israel’s government is to protect their people and their half measures the last 40 years have not done that and a full measure of devastation would save more lives in the long run and bring actual peace.

Concentrate the Palestinian mind.

Bomb the hell out of them.

Its the right thing to do.

Unless you do, we will all be back for this re-run in a few years, again.

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