Shoes not thrown in Iraq

Those belonging to the:

400,000+ political opponents murdered by Saddam Hussein;

1.5 million+ killed in the three wars of aggression started by Saddam Hussein;

Purple-fingered Iraqi voters;

Iraqi police and security forces fighting side by side with the armed forces of the United States against Baathist, Iranian and al Qaeda enemies of freedom in Iraq;

Members of the Iraqi Parliament that recently voted to establish a permanent alliance with the United States against the enemies of freedom in the Middle East; and

All other journalists present at the shoe throwing by a Baathist enemy of Iraq.

The United States has prevailed in Iraq. Iraq is a budding bastion of freedom in the Middle East.

Media coverage is more of an insult to my intelligence than hurled shoes.

[Inspired by Caleb’s Red Hot]

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, Examiner.com and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson