Stimulus as Revolution: The main crisis Republicans must prevent

Originally published by Mike gamecock DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report

We saw on September 11, 2001 what a grave threat is Islamist terror to America. Courageous action by President George W. Bush and the FBI, CIA armed forces of the United States have protected us from that threat flawlessly since then.

Many of us believe that illegal immigration could be a long term existential threat if we don’t control our borders. Maybe even more of us see cultural decline as an even more grave threat.

This past September we saw a paradigm shift in the economy that has quickly raised the specter of a huge decline in the economic well being of America in the short term and the long term.

I agree, but the most grave threat that I see is what is likely to be the government’s response to same if it is allowed to be executed without hearings via a “stimulus” bill that a President Barack Obama could sign soon after his Inauguration from a Congress that convenes two weeks earlier.

Obama’s presumptive Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel confessed that they must take advantage of this crisis as an opportunity to make fundamental changes liberals have desired for decades.

The President-Elect this week said that universal health care reform should be a part of the stimulus bill he signs on Day One.

The massive, $700B Paulson Panic prevention bill has changed the landscape. Now, that figure is used to diminish the impact of smaller government spending proposals that would ordinarily require months of hearings and study.

The major difference, of course, is that banks were hours away from collapse due to the pending unavailability of bank to bank loans, i.e. the equivalent of the power company.

Last I checked, hospitals were in no danger of denying treatment to the distressed.

Nothing is more important for the Republicans in Congress to do, than to limit the stimulus bill to public works and other typical Keynesian proposals that do not enshrine fundamental changes in our government and which take away Liberty from We the People and give it to bureaucrats in government to write the details of our lives.

Remember how effective we can be in defending Liberty when Congress must debate issues in public, like amnesty?

We must make sure we have the chance to weigh in on health care reform and the rest of the fundamental changes Obama wants.

Day One must be limited to balls and executive orders.

The 42 in the Senate must unite.

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