GOP must support public works to discredit green kooks

President-Elect Barack Obama has tossed Republicans another softball with his New Deal scale infrastructure proposal.

Originally published by Mike gamecock DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report

We mostly whiffed at the “pre-packaged” bankruptcy trial balloon pitch for Detroit’s Big Three and missed an opportunity to divide the Democrats.

We must not take strike two.

This is a “public” works proposal. Government is responsible for building and maintaining roads and bridges. Yes, we know that Keynesian style public works spending didn’t end the Great Depression. And yes, Obama’s rhetoric hints at perpetuating that myth while suggesting that this 21st Century version of FDR’s WPA would end the current recession.

But great works were constructed under FDR (see Hoover Dam pictured) and Republicans would make a grave mistake if they lead with an argument opposing infrastructure spending. No, the GOP must support accelerated spending of this kind during this economic crisis and insist that the crisis requires that environmental trial lawyers must not be allowed to delay the hiring of workers.

Obama is arguing 24/7 that he wants to put Americans to work. Let’s force him to choose between trial lawyers and blue collar workers, shall we? Let’s challenge Obama to not let the Endangered Species, Clean Water and any other acts prevent putting Americans back to work.

Fellow conservatives, can we talk? We know that the main stimulus we need is a supply side tax and regulation reduction that unleashes Liberty-empowered Americans to bail themselves out, but we also need to maintain the infrastructure and given the economic facts, there is every reason to accelerate the process.

So why not use this as an opportunity to highlight the left wing kook ownership of the Democratic Party in the process?

Will recession ravaged Americans have the patience to abide orange cones on the highways guarding only equipment and unfilled holes while lawyers litigate the effect on polar bears this winter, while human beings settle for extended unemployment benefits?

I think not.

Majority leaders McConnell and Boehner, do you see that fat, high curve ball?

Swing for the fences.

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