Bush world barbarians at Obama’s Gates

Originally published by Mike gamecock DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report

Barack Obama was the one, who was waiting for? Was it us, or Al Qaeda in India; Russian missiles near Poland and warships in Venezuela, respectively; and Iran near the bomb?

Suddenly, post-Olympics, post-Election Day and especially post-intelligence briefing, President George W. Bush’s post-911 record doesn’t look so bad. Why else would he make the unprecedented re-hire of his predecessor’s Secretary of Defense?

Obama has sung bass in the liberal Democratic Party Bushlied chorus since his “courageous” 2003 Springfield stand against the Iraq War while his Washington, D.C. primary opponents voted for it. But, now, one of those with such poor judgment is the Vice President-Elect and the other, his presumed Secretary of State.

Ignorance was bliss. Getting real is more than a fist-pump with the First lady in waiting.

Getting real is finding out how much more God-damned are every other nation on Earth than the one, described as such by his former pastor of twenty years, which just elected him. It’s finding out the threat assessment the CIA sends over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue each morning and realizing what a job it will be to match the spotless post-911 record of Bush in your primary job as Commander-in-Chief: protecting the homeland.

Does Obama really think that it would have been less likely that America would have suffered another 911-type attack had Zawahiri and Bin Laden not sent tens of thousands of their well-trained terrorists to die at the hands of the armed forces of the United States and our allies in Iraq? Or that attacks on our homeland would be less likely during his term if we had surrendered in 2006 at his suggestion?

Now that we have won in Iraq, will a Commander-in-Chief be able to resist endearing himself to warriors he wants to re-enlist, not to mention the photo-ops, by welcoming them home as the victorious heroes they are?

We think not.

Obama suggests that we lost our “focus” on al Qaeda and especially on OBL (whose last audio/video release with contemporary references is over two years old) due to the war in Iraq. Yet, what is the best evidence of focus, if not the zero terrorist casualty total in the Lower Forty-Eight, Palin’s Alaska and his native Hawaii since September 11, 2001?

His chosen leader of the Department of Defense, last September, on the Afghanistan, non-safe haven for terrorists since 2000 thanks to President Bush:

“Everyone knows we face significant challenges in Afghanistan, as does the Afghan government,” Gates said. “By the same token, the Taliban do not hold any land,” and lose every real engagement with NATO or U.S. forces. “So the notion that things are out of control in Afghanistan or that we’re sliding toward a disaster, I think, is far too pessimistic.”

Indeed. I’m guessing Barack’s ears perked up at that quote given that he will be defending our efforts just after Noon this coming January 20th.

Obama may even be re-thinking his call for massive troop movements into Afghanistan that, save for a temporary surge for the elections next year, the current and future Sec Def, said:

“I think we need to think about how heavy a military footprint the United States ought to have in Afghanistan,” he said. Washington might be “better off channeling resources into building and expanding the size of the Afghan National Army as quickly as possible.

It seems Gates’ rummy predecessor didn’t make the mistake the Brits and Russians made with massive brigades running light brigade gauntlets thru Kyber Passes searching for impotent cave-dwelling, dialysis-needing Imams.

Bush has kept us safe his way. We know his way works. We know the failures of Obama’s 9/10 terrorism as crime approach.

Would a President Obama want to explain the Great Writ (of habeas corpus) argument for terrorists to the loved ones of 3000 dead on his watch if one of those Gitmo detainees is released after an O.J. trial right before he makes a matching hole in Manhattan?

We’re guessing not at DeVine Law.

Obama saw moral equivalence when Russia invaded Georgia without provocation . Obama lauded Chinese infrastructure and joined in another chorus of Bush-bash ditties and applauded a rude-Olympic fleeing Putin as our President rallied beach volleyball babes.

The last laugh?

Rather than rolling to Tbilisi and intimidating the whole of Eastern Europe, Putin and his Medvedev puppet saw our Commander-in-Chief put American warships in Georgia harbors, the USAF in the Tbilisi airport and Secretary Rice on the ground, joined by six Presidents of former slave state that have overcome.

They will stay that way. Russia is now Berlin-walling itself off from the world in their Ossetia prize as their oil revenues fall.

They are now reduced to pretending they have a world class navy (they don’t) in Venezuela, to match their anemic ground forces in Mother Russia, reduced to selling nuclear technology to rogue oil rich states that wouldn’t need nuclear powered anything for a hundred years.

Will green technology and non-Cowboy rhetoric trump that, Barack?

We don’t think so? Think drill, drill, drill.

Will a tech-savvy President want to deny himself the increasingly effective SDI tool, the mere threat of the development of which won the Cold War, while denying our freedom-loving friends of same in Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, thus handing Russia a Biden-crisis prediction victory?

Gamecock doubts it.

And while we always knew he was very ignorant given his associations since dreams of a Marxist father while in the custody of a Marxist and mentoring by Marxist father-figures in Hawaii, Harvard and Hate America churches, we also suspected he was smart and teachable.

Hiring Gates is good evidence of teach-ability. He is learning of the world Bush has been living in for eight years. The real world outside Obama’s liberal cocoon. The cocoon Bush kept hole-less for seven years.

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