Foghorn Leghorns: DeVining and parking the Drive-By Media

Originally published by Mike gamecock DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report and Law and Civil Rights Examiner for Examiner.com

The Foghorn from the Associated Press uncorrected by The Charlotte Observer:

MUMBAI, India Security forces assaulted a Jewish center in Mumbai where Muslim militants were believed holed up with possible hostages today, with black-clad commandos dropping from a Indian helicopter as sharpshooters opened fire on the five-story building.

The Leghorn:

The “militants” didn’t attack the military. They intentionally attacked unarmed civilians, killing over a hundred. They are terrorists.

The Foghorn:

Well-coordinated strikes by gunmen starting Wednesday night left the city shell-shocked.

The Leghorn:

“Gunmen” are men bearing guns. The word is meaningless in distinguishing between the good gunmen and the bad gunmen. Yes, AP, “good” and “bad” are acceptable, indeed essential, words, especially in this context. Men bearing guns that intentionally fire upon innocent civilians and/or take them hostage, are terrorists.

Finally, more uncorrected AP Foghorns, also in my local Dead-Tree Drive-By:

The Foghorn:

BAGHDAD The long, costly story of American military involvement in Iraq moved closer to an end Thursday when Iraq’s parliament approved a pact that requires all troops to be out in three years, marking the first clear timetable for a U.S. exit since the 2003 invasion that ousted Saddam Hussein.

The “invasion” and “military involvement” were, respectively: a liberation and total victory.

The Foghorn:

The vote followed months of talks between U.S. and Iraqi negotiators that at times seemed on the point of collapse, and then days of dealmaking (sic) between ethnic and sectarian groups whose centuries-old rifts had hardened during the first four years of the war.

The Leghorn:

The ethnic and sectarian rifts hardened during Saddam’s brutal dictatorship. They softened as President Bush stayed the course to win over the trust of the Iraqi people after we betrayed them in years past. Staying the course made an intel-driven surge success possible.

The Foghorn:

The war has claimed more than 4,200 American lives and killed a far greater, untold number of Iraqis, consumed huge reserves of money and resources and eroded the global stature of the United States, even among its closest allies.

The Leghorn:

Saddam slaughtered in cold blood a “told” number of innocent Iraqis over 400,000 and started two wars with neighbors that cost ober 1.5 million lives. The stature of the United States is that of the greatest nation on Earth, ever, no matter the opinion of leftist “journalists” around the globe.

The media is mostly vile. I have seen reports on the Mumbai attacks that have used the proper terms for terrorists, albeit usually from the mouths of the survivors of victims.

Drive-By Media can spew fog. TMR can leg it out.

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