Iraq wants detainees treated as criminals. Victory is ours!

Who said this was an amorphous enemy; that detainees would be held forever; and that we wouldn’t know when we had won?

Originally published at The Minority Report’s Live Wire by gamecock

From Camp Cropper, Iraq

The U.S. military is rushing to build criminal cases against some 5,000 detainees it deems dangerous – including suspected members of al-Qaeda in Iraq – because the proposed security pact with Iraq would end its right to hold prisoners without charge. But it also calls for control of security matters to shift to Iraqi authorities.

Iraq cares about its own security.

If passed, the deal would mean U.S. troops could no longer hold people without charge as they have since the 2003 invasion that ousted Saddam Hussein. Beginning Jan. 1, all detentions would have to be based on evidence, and the U.S. would have to prosecute prisoners in Iraqi courts or let them go.

If Iraq is comfortable with releasing those held in their country for whom criminal charges cannot be proven, then so am I. This means the war is over, and that Iraq is ready to police its streets.

This is cause for celebration. This is how victory looks, except that the Drive-bys and Democrats won’t hold a ticker tape parade.

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