V-I Day and the Loyal Opposition

We start on two fronts today.

Originally published by Mike “gamecock” DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report

The first is the Eastern Front, or, more precisely, the Middle Eastern Front, where conclusive evidence of total victory by the Armed Forces of the United States emerged this week with the approval of a security agreement endorsed by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and President Bush that would have U.S. combat forces out of Iraqi cities in 2009 and out of the country by 2001. A separate agreement would establish an alliance against terrorism between the U.S. and Iraq in the heart of the Middle East.

We the People rule in America and whether or not President Bush, President-Elect Obama or the Drive-by media will declare the obvious and honor one of the greatest achievements by the United States military in history, we must.

Mission Accomplished! Job well done. Twenty-five million purple-fingered citizens freed by the United States and allies in the War on Terror while the United States has suffered no more attacks on the homeland since September 11, 2001.

We heed Finrod’s call: Henceforth, November 22, 2008 shall be Victory in Iraq Day!

The second front is the Western Front, or, more precisely, the Domestic Front of western Civilization.

We have only one president at a time, and he gave us a gift late this past week with his “prepackaged bankruptcy” trial balloon that would reject the top-heavy government-directed, save the bloated union contracts and insist upon more profit preventing government regulations bailout plan.

The GOP has been rightfully calling for bankrupt automakers in file bankruptcy (as if), and to re-structure (break the union contract) more on the order of the non-union BMW plant in Spartanburg County, S.C. and other auto plants across the South that don’t have their hands out reaching for our pockets.

Grand Old party, can you hear? Obama has uttered the desired words. Accept the deal before the balloon pops! GOP should ride shotgun on Obama “prepackaged” Detroit automaker Bankruptcy idea.

Other matters on various fronts where Republicans can help themselves and America by helping Obama:

1) Champion our freedom-fighting allies in Columbia, Georgia and across South and Central America and Eastern Europe. Make it impossible for a President Obama to resist helping the least of these by shoving the faces of the heroes that have made America safer fighting communists and other terrorists in Columbia and elsewhere as well as those in Ukraine, Poland and Georgia facing off an overreaching Russian bear that have within their memories life before the Berlin Wall fell.

Demand that we reward them all by passing CAFTA, complying with our SDI agreement in Eastern Europe and bringing more nations into NATO.

2) Champion Liberty at home, i.e. the free market, and especially the civil right of Americans to bail themselves out as the best Jobs Program. Demand that Americans be turned loose from government regulations that prevent them from drilling for more of their own oil, building nuclear power plants and starting new businesses free of burdensome Sarbanes-Oxley, snail-darter protecting and mar-to-market laws, regulations and accounting practices. If you find Enron-ing going on, prosecute them (like Bush did) but nix the criminalization of business risk taking.

The government caused these economic hard times by distorting the free market thru Fannie Maes and Endangered Species Acts. They endanger the species called American Exceptional-ism.

On 60 Minutes last Sunday, I saw a more sober Messiah, post-his first intelligence briefing by his soon to be predecessor that has kept us safe since 911 and since his Rubin-Summers briefing. He lauded the free market to CBS in those 60 minutes that in all the minutes of the campaign.

He will want to be re-elected. He will want to be seen as championing the underdog.

Well, let’s call our underdog witnesses to the stand. The underdogs are We the People trying to make a living. Put us on TV, radio and shout from the rooftops.

Maybe even engage in a little civil disobedience? Like maybe drilling for oil in ANWR and then writing a Letter from an Anchorage Jail?

Mike DeVine’s Examiner.com and Charlotte Observer columns.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

[Postscript: Finally, I was inspired once again by the newest of Citizen Journalists, Sherry Falls Lyle in Alabama, a staunch conservative American, who recently wrote that we should address our national changes as like a mother and a new born child:

“It takes bravery and courage to come together and face the unknown, or “change”, in our lives and in our country.’

Sherry challenges us to go beyond our comfort zone.

After so many years of power, too many of which were spent appeasing liberals, it won’t be comfortable serving under one, especially as a minority. But when served up softballs like the the “prepackaged bankruptcy” we must seize the change moment, It ought to make us more comfortable that the unchanged liberal democrats in Congress are on the other side.]