DeVine Examiner declares N.C. for President-Elect

Paint it Blue! North Carolina may Now and only now, be “declared” for the President-Elect.

Originally published by Mike “gamecock” DeVine as Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner for Examiner.com

Incompetence or subterfuge by the Associated Press in their “reporting” on the counting of the presidential election votes in North Carolina?

It’s obvious to this former trial lawyer that a competent cross-examination would find then guilty of venality and in a fetal position whining in a corner if ever they had to answer under oath for their “symbolic” declarations of Obama electoral success and bad “new” math in the Tar Heel State before yesterday. For only yesterday were all the votes counted.

But Charlotte’s law and civil rights examiner reveres the First Amendment as applied to AP and us, and so, will now exercise his.

Another anonymous agent of “Associated Press” repeats the same falsehood we reported earlier. The latest “story” from the nameless, faceless news purveyor appearing in today’s Charlotte Observer:

N.C. vote: Obama leads by 14,192Associated PressPosted: Friday, Nov. 21, 2008

RALEIGH The margin of President-elect Obama’s victory in North Carolina is just about finalized.Obama received 14,192 more votes than Republican nominee John McCain after the lawful provisional ballots were added to the totals.

The Associated Press declared Obama the winner Nov. 6 after determining there weren’t enough provisional ballots to change the outcome. Obama will be the first Democrat to receive North Carolina’s electoral votes since 1976.

State elections director Gary Bartlett said Thursday the results likely won’t change before the State Board of Elections certifies election winners Tuesday.

Libertarian candidate Bob Barr received 25,722 votes – less than 1 percent of the total vote. Overall voter turnout was 69.5 percent, slightly higher than the record set in 1984.

That is the whole AP story. Notice what’s missing from the story?

I’ll tell you what’s missing. What’s missing is the number of provisional ballots that were cast. Why is this important? Because AP purports to be news organization; the press; a gatherer of facts for the consideration of the non-press portion of We the People, too busy doing non-press work to gather said facts.

I apologize for my, “colleagues”, ack! I am not “associated” with them.

The Facts (as previously reported here at The Examiner:

1) Democrat Obama led Republican John McCain by 13,746 votes after Election day

2) Around 40,000 provisional votes remained to be counted after Election day

3) 40,000 is nearly three times 13,746

4) The State of NC and the AP both decided to go ahead and “declare” the Democrat the “symbolic” winner before all the votes were counted.

5) In three different stories on this issue the AP has mislead its readers

Congratulations to the President-Elect on his victory yesterday, November 20, 2008. The Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner now acknowledges same, now that all the votes have been counted.

We also acknowledge a pattern in these N.C. presidential election stories that convinces us that AP doesn’t need a math teacher. No, they need ethics. Notice I did not say they need an ethics teacher or some seminar designed to sweep the matter under the rug. They know what they are doing. They choose to do it.

Given the First Amendment, the only legal and effective way to teach ethics to the press, absent proof of the near impossible standard of “actual malice”, is that consumers stop consuming their stuff.

We are proud to report that sales of the “carriers” of their contagion are way down. One reason that page views of Examiner.com is up.

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