Lukewarm spue at Foggy Bottom clears 2012 field

By Mike “gamecock” DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner for Examiner.com

The Left now controls all levers of national power in Washington and has no more need for triangulators that delayed the vesting of their birthright.

The worshippers wanting to bring back ’68 have hated Bill Clinton since the 1995 State of the Union that declared the “Era of Big Government” over. Most were no longer enamored of Hillary, either, since her 2003 hawkish Iraq War votes either, but she was, after all, a female feminist icon.

Compared to the cold, hot star of Obama, Hillary is lukewarm and, so, scheduled to be spued out of the Left’s mouth.

I have been saying since last Spring when so many of her “honorable” Senate colleagues abandoned her for Barack Obama, that Senator Clinton would never be majority Leader.

Now, with The Vanquished considering an offer from The One to do his bidding abroad, we learn just how isolated Mrs. Clinton has become:

But remaining in the Senate may not be Clinton’s first choice, either, since she is a junior senator without prospects for a leadership position any time soon.Democratic officials, speaking only anonymously about private negotiations, say Clinton asked Sen. Edward Kennedy to establish a subcommittee that she would lead that would allow her to shepherd health care reform through the Senate. But Kennedy, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, wants to lead the effort as a capstone to his career, and there also are other members with more seniority than Clinton whom he wouldn’t want to bypass.

That is the same Kennedy that President Clinton kept out of the loop in the 1990’s lest his extreme views screw up his last six years in office like they did his disastrous first two.

The famous FOB loyalty of the 90s began the evaporation when Al Gore refused to let Bubba campaign in all but Black churches in 2000.

The Left’s grievance of denied power intensified after Florida 2000 and became manifest when WJC’s former Energy Secretary, Bill Richardson betrayed his former boss by endorsing his wife’s opponent at a critical time in the primaries.

The Left that dubbed her husband the “first black president” unjustifiably called him a racist during the South Carolina primary and also turned the race card against her.

The majority of her colleagues in the World’s Oldest Deliberative Body that endorsed a presidential candidate, didn’t pick her.

For Obama’s part, this move is less a Lincolnian “team of rivals” move to have one’s enemies closer than pals, than it is a part of the “Chicago Way” of “clearing the field” of rivals for 2012.

President-Elect Obama’s victories over Clinton and McCain were his first truly contested races. His victories for an Illinois State Senate seat and his win for his U.S. Senate seat were all a result of having opponents disqualified thru election laws or smeared via leaks from sealed divorce files.

Hillary Rodham Clinton would do well to be called Madam Secretary in Albright and Rice’s shadow and as fourth in the line of secession for the Presidency, than be a backbencher for Harry Reid.

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