Even Democrats can’t win a Secular American majority

The reason: No “secular American majority” exists. The vast majority of Americans still believe in God.

By Mike “gamecock” DeVine, Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner for Examiner.com

In his brilliant A Republican Party for a Secular America, David Sage correctly cites the 2008 rejection of the GOP “in its current form” by the American people at the ballot box, but then attributes that rejection to Republican mimicking of Reagan’s social conservative agenda, while agreeing that “conservatism” sells.

David’s sagacity measures 67% on the Gamecock meter. Let me work backwards.

Given Americans’ aversion to granting three consecutive terms to the same party in the White House and their penchant for throwing out the party in said House during economic hard times, even unabashed and unapologetic marketing of conservatism might not have sold this year.

We will never know, because we didn’t even try to sell conservatism before Palin was chosen. And when McCain said me too to President Bush and Senator Obama to the very non-conservative Paulson panic prevention plan, conservative sales went down the drain.

But what of this supposed tipping point aversion to appeals to Judeo-Christian values and the current form of the Party of Lincoln?

The Democratic Party regained majority control of Congress mainly due to Rahm Emmanuel’s “blue dawg” democrat strategy that recruited pro-life and family values Democrats all over the county, not just in Dixie. Barack Obama campaigned as a Christian, opposed gay marriage, and even insisted that the party platform be changed for the first time since 1972 to acknowledge respect for pro-lifers. (I know: Rev. Wright, Minister Farrakhan and the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, but you see my point.)

Moreover, this year, California one of the most liberal states in the country, along with Florida and Arizona, joined 40+ other states in rejecting gay marriage. Polls show that Generations X, Y and the Millenials, are all more pro-life than Baby Boomers.

Now we get to the crux of the matter: Their may not be enough non-secular whites to win a majority, but why would we want to, especially when we don’t have to?

Yes, economic and national security conservatism sells, and it sells best to people of faith. They generally go hand in hand. The problem has been that Blacks have been held captive for 40 years by an exploitive Democratic Party whose Big Lie message has been that America is inherently racist.

Ironically, the election of a self-described African-American may be what finally un-clogs the ears and opens the eyes of many Blacks to the universal message of the GOP.

The Big Lie of the left is now exposed. Don’t listen to a Caucasian rooster. Listen to blacks on the left and the right:

Juan Williams:

There is no other nation in the world where a 75% majority electorate has elected as their supreme leader a man who identifies as one of that nation’s historically oppressed minorities.

Jason Whitlock (pictured above):

Barack Obama had just won the presidency, and the realization that America loved them back stampeded my parents’ emotions like a wedding proposal from the perfect lover you assumed would never settle down.

Donald E. Robinson:

Shortly after leaving the voting booth, [the] 70-year-old community activist…had a thought: “Why do I have to be listed as African-American? Why can’t I just be American?”

I especially like Whitlock’s “America loved them back”!

Fellow conservatives, we, like Whitlock and Williams, have long realized race was no longer a serious impediment to advancement in America and that it is the left’s fault that more haven’t realized same as Blacks have blindly voted 90+% for Democrats despite their failures to deliver on their promises.

That is now past, and maybe, human nature being what it is, it took the election of one of their own to bring home the “love back”. James Taranto echoes gamecock on the prospect that Blacks will now be freed of their Democratic past and cites the example of Catholics post-JFK and Deep South Southerners post-Carter.

It may be too optimistic to hope for major changes minority voting patterns in four years given that Obama will be running for re-election. But the work must begin in earnest now to recruit blacks and Hispanics to run as Republicans in 2010 to join these examples in elected office.

Blacks will now get to see one of their own as President as they live their lives with the realization that their lot in life is mainly determined by what they do, not who gets elected. They will also become more open to the fact that liberty, not government controls, is the best path to prosperity.

As Obama supporter, John McWhorterstates, they will be able to have “an honest discussion about the role racism does not play in black communities’ problems.”

Add to the above the fact that a disproportionate number of minorities serve in a US armed force that liberal democrats loathe, and the general aversion to weakness abroad that most Americans share, and you have the makings of a Reaganite-like coalition.


The overwhelming majority of Blacks and Hispanics are Bible-believing Christians and part of a faith-based American majority.

Despite all the odds against the GOP generally; inherent non-conservative flaws of John McCain; inept McCain campaign; lower GOP base turnout; and October financial crisis surprise, we only lost by 5% in a still mostly 50/50 nation.

We could win in four years just by getting back to 2004 levels of support, but with the “change” wrought by Obama, we may finally have the opening to build the conservative majority in government.

The market for conservative sales may just have gotten a lot larger.

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“The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” – The Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts