Turnout defeats Democrat default crisis generator

Originally published by Mike “gamecock” DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report

Admit it now, what good were all the pre-election polls, poll obsessing and/or personal predictions for the past 23 months?

None, unless your goal was to suppress GOP turnout, elect Farrakhan’s Messiah or keep alive a nerdy desire to give one’s life five seconds of meaning by being “right” in a guess based on other people’s guesses, after which you can base the next 25 months of your life on the polls on the races for 2010 and 2012 that begin after MLK Day 2009.

Was anyone elected based on talk to pollsters? Or did I miss the inauguration?

Even the liberal media is now in the “turnout” phase, seemingly shocked every 2-4 years that people must actually move more than their lips in order to actually cast a ballot to elect a mere dog catcher, much less the Leader of the Free World.

And speaking of the free world, you could make worse closing arguments than to remind legal by lazy registered Hillarycrats and disgruntled republicans of words of the Joe “No Interview for you” Biden (think and watch Seinfeld Soup Nazi) who whispered to fellow leftists that the election of his fellow cloistered from the press for weeks running mate would “generate” a test from evildoers abroad in order to test him.

The test? Make sure Obama is as weak as his own party-toasts for terrorist apologists on stag films at the LATimes; moral equivalence between Russia and Georgia, not to mention Israel and Hamas/Hezbos and meet with out preconditions, Iran’s Mullahs and their unshaven MembersOnlyJacket-ijad-clad front man; and like the rest of his party since 1972 (save for Zell, Joe L. and sometimes Bill).

Skanderbeg report’s that even Pravda equivalents pray for McCain’s election.

Don’t waste your time trying to change what passes for minds of followers of The One. No. There are only two categories you can, and should try, to persuade:

a) Obama haters of the Hillary supporter variety, and

b) Disgruntled with mavericks republicans who seek the cowardly shelter of the mocker and the temptation of pride that throw up their hands and declare no difference between the choices and themselves above it all (to hide their laziness as they face long lines).

One disadvantage republicans always face is the default donkey default position of so many raised in a nation dominated during so much of its history by the World’s Oldest Party.

Remind of the late 70s economic and foriegn policy messes the last time Democrats controlled the Congress and the White House and of Reagan’s remedies. Democrats all want to raise taxes and Obama-Frank want to cut defense (see security and jobs) by 25%.

You might want to remind, as Ryan Mauro of World Threats recently did, of Palin-McCain attentiveness to arresting the 30-year Democrat Party and Obama affirmed energy self suicide and who would be more likely to launch a Huckabee-Manhattan-like, “Lexington Project.”

Remind them of 911, what the economy was like after 911. Ask them what another 911 during the present crisis would do to 401Ks and then spring Biden’s words and three more facts on them:

We have had no more 911s since 911, no thanks to Obama and the Democrats, with much thanks to Bush and McCain.

Elections are always ALL ABOUT TURNOUT.

As if?

But you wouldn’t know it from the time consumed by so many of the pajama clad and couch potatoes.

So, quit reading guesses by non-nostradami and start calling that good looking second cousin that you know that loves to keep her paycheck and see terrorists blown to smithereens.

And penultimately, as the rooster awaits the dawn of The Day, my recent pep talk to Redstate’s beloved Fearless Leader,, now in D.C., E.E., in response to his Battle with the Washington Beltway Post sirens:

Erick, if the Washington Post asked you to publish a prediction on your son’s sport’s team would you publish it if you predicted a loss knowing he would see it? Of course not. And you have a TEAM in this fight, some of whose members facing long lines and losing income tomorrow while in line, could use as an excuse to not vote. Moreover, does your self worth depend on overtures from WashPo? I hope not.You are more than a married 30something, but not because people think you writing matters and can influence. You are more (not that being married is chump change) because you stand for truth: Conservative, Judeo-Christian values patriotic truth and one final truth,You don’t SEE anything re the outcome. No one can. People can read polls and watch tv and have anecdotes, but any fool can get elections right half the time flipping a coin.What we know is that TURNOUT is ALL that matters. Focus on getting your team to turn out.luv ya

And one more thing.

If you see acorns on the floor at your precinct, report the Obamasquirrels to the authorities.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson