Seven Days before Seven Days in May

Originally published by Mike DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report

In seven days, voting by We the People will end, and ballot counting will begin. At the end of that process, we will know the identity of the man that a majority of electors in the Electoral College are committed to select as Commander in Chief when inaugurated as President of the United States next January.

Given the historical rarity of three consecutive presidential terms by the same party coupled with the radical that the Democratic Party has foisted upon the American people as their nominee and the coincidence that there are only seven days left before Election Day 2008, I am reminded of 1964 movie, “Seven Days in May”.

In that movie, a very liberal president created an uproar among the people and the military by signing a treaty with the Soviet Union in which both the USSR and the USA would destroy their nuclear arsenals. Conspirators within the government plot the seizure of the media and eventual coup de tat to remove the president and his administration within seven days.

The movie was great, but, of course, the producers were liberals that favored such appeasement with the Evil Empire and who harbored extreme bias against right-wingers that they suspected (and still suspect) favors coups. Of course, one need only look at University speech codes and any other institutions that liberals control to find true fascist tendencies, but my purpose here is only tangentially related the substantive issue that prompts the attempted movie coup plot.

No, my main point here is that we have a luxury of seven days to prevent an attempted coup that is ongoing and mostly out in the open.

In one sense, a coup has already been accomplished within the world’s oldest political party. The leadership of the national Democratic Party has been captured by far left McGovernites for years, and especially since 2000. The Boll Weevil conservative, mostly Southern, democrats that crossed the aisle to enact the Reagan Revolution are long gone. During the 1990s, while a moderate Democrat President Bill Clinton was triangulating a Newt Republican Congress to successfully extend the Reagan recovery, Boll Weevils kicked off the Donkey to ride the Elephant, and if some became Blue Dawgs in 2006, their shade of blue is mostly pale.

Most significantly, today’s Democratic Party has turned sharply left, fresh from its resentment that all a President Clinton gave them was abortion, and fresh from their myth-driven resentment President Gore’s presidency was stolen from them by a right-wing court. Their final soul-selling act was their branding of the First Black President and his First Lady as racist, in favor of a white-guilt healing, Farrakhan dubbed Messiah who threw his white grandmother under the bus.

The last Henry “Scoop” Jackson patriots in the party, Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman, were long ago thrown under a bus. They no longer pretend empires are evil. Rather, they cry: bushlied!; that Georgia should show restraint to Russia while we unilaterally disarm; let’s meet unconditionally with communists and genocidal anti-Semitic maniacs; plumbers’ wealth must be spread; the Constitution and the vision of the Founding Fathers are so fatally flawed that courts should redistribute wealth; we can’t eat as much or drive SUVs unless the world says its OK; your children but not Obama’s must learn Spanish lest denizens of Paris think less of us on holiday; terrorists free on technicalities should “reform” education so that children study oppression in America, so long as Obama was an adolescent when violence was done (no word on when Sirhan Sirhan is tenured at UOC); and butts may be parked in hate-whitey America church pews for 20 years without consequence.

Make no mistake, Obama chose Wright and Ayers as those that could help fulfill his Kenyan father’s Marxist dreams. They did not choose him. They are not mere associates that randomly met only after sermons on Beatitudes or cocktail parties preceding state senate runs or education grants for papers on afro-centric education on how not to assimilate in United States lest one’s African values be despoiled. They are partners in crimes against humanity in Gaza and the ‘hood.

My friends, while America “slept” through what looked like a consolidation of the conservative movement that Gamecock finally joined in 2000, while Ayers, Wright, Soros and Obama were up late nights taking over culture institutions, while politically cracking ACORNS and organizing communities for 2008 democratic caucuses.

Yes, yours truly actually left a Democratic Party he was an activist within for 18 years, mainly after he saw himself as like a front man for the kooks in that party, much like he saw Bill Clinton. He thought the kooks had captured the nomination with McGovern and to lesser extents with Dukakis and Kerry (see also Mondale and Gore). Liberals are bad enough. Leftists are worse.

But this Obamanation is an unacceptable radical writ large. How could he take, much less uphold, an Oath to “preserve, protect, and defend” a document he loathes? His voice on tape indicts him, yet, as usual, slander is screamed the loudest by democrats when you play tapes of their own voices.

The Democrat Party long ago ceased to be responsible at the national level. They nominate candidates they fall in love with. They don’t even insist upon authentic birth certificates when filing in Iowa. They seek power, they don’t seek truth. They will accept liars with a wink. Part of their rage in 2000, was born of rage that they didn’t get to fulfill their perceived entitlement to power in the 90s.

They have now foisted a socialist upon us as their half of the major party nominees in a year history favors the Donkey. (This century, only Reagan was able to win a third term with his Vice-President.)

After all, the liberals controlled the press, media, Hollywood, the University, other academia, and, in 1993-1994 Congress and in 1993-2001, the Oval Office, but all they got was this lousy pro-choice t-shirt.

(We the People did get a pretty good eight years of Clinton-Gingrich divided government, but for secular libs seeking religion in a government redistributed Utopia, not so great.)

Isn’t it ironic that Orwell’s 1984 didn’t happen as Seven Days in May envisioned, with the government controlling the news. Rather, a free press chose monopoly advocacy for their world view. They ceased to be those folks that hung out on the corner and told the rest of us what happened as we worked our regular jobs, and instead went out to look for happenings that advance their agenda. They trust that vision and not the wisdom of We the People. They want to change the world, but not thru reporting truth.

Their agenda now is to protect Obama for seven days, so as to complete an electoral coup by fringe minority of socialists that are hostile to the shared values of the majority of We the People, of both parties. They do so offering free lunches and the promise we will be loved abroad (by a compliant leftist press) even as Biden warns in whispers that the youngun’ will generate aggression against us and begs that the left stay supportive as a President Obama seems to fail.

We the People have seven days in October and November to avoid a disastrous 1461 days in Mays-Aprils, that could see the kind of permanent damage done the last two times one party controlled all branches of government with a filibuster-proof Senate majority: LBJ’s un-Great Society and JEC’s CDA that led to Fannie Mae-lstrom.

Vote McCain-Palin and prevent the coup!

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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