FNC's The Panel admires Obama's lies

Obama announced four days ago that he would visit his “gravely ill” grandmother today.

tick tock

The root word, “Grave”, of the word “gravely” refers to six foot deep holes for the dead.

When I received messages that my Dad, Mom and Grandmother were gravely ill, I went immediately to their side. I didn’t take a three-day detour, wanting to see them and speak to them before they died and all.

Conservative columnist Fred Barnes, on The Panel portion of Fox News Channel’s Special Report nightly news show, tonight, said that Obama would not be in the safely democratic state of Hawaii tonight if he thought the race for President were close.

Hold it a minute.

Barnes and the inside the beltway elitists assume that Obama’s grandmother is not dying? Who could blame them, given the four day detour. But we must blame them for giving Obama a pass and almost admiring him for the lie.

Brings back memories of the admiration for the liberal media for Clinton’s lying. Biden himself said Clinton was a good liar.

This is part of a pattern in this campaign among the conservative media.

Why, DeVine are you only speaking of the conservative media?

Why? Because I wrote off the liberal media years ago. I had held out some hope that journalism informed by basic values still lived among conservatives, and especially on Fox.

I was wrong.

What would the election spin look like if conservatives treated lying as if it were a character flaw?

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