A piece of Obama's action is puny

Originally published by Mike DeVine as Legal Editor for and co-authored with Pilgrim at The Minority Report

Whether its Obama as Da Boss:

Or Obama as The Godfather:

“One day I will come to you and ask you to do me a favor for me.”

The Obama family syndicate only makes offers you can’t refuse, and it won’t matter whether his favor to you was “a hit” on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding or a Newport on the occasion of an ACORN voter registration drive.

Michelle says Barack will make you work. Obama says your children must learn Spanish lest you embarrass the nation during your next trip to Paris. You can no longer drive your SUVs and eat all you want and expect the rest of the world to say, “Ok.”

Naw, naw, naw, this is post-God damned America. From now on it will be the Chicago Way with Pelosi and Reid as made-family members.

And what is Obama’s way? The Boss does favors for those that make the demanded protection money pay-offs. For the rest, he clears the field.

When faced with non-Maryland-carpetbagger political opponents in Illinois, he got them thrown off the ballot via petition challenges or post-leaked divorce files filled with bitter spousal hearsay.

Dare to utter a disparaging word on radio about his cronies and pals that lived lives when he was eight years old? WGN-AM gets deluged with irate callers denouncing blasphemy. Final field sweeping will be his Maid Nancy’s task with the “Fairness Doctrine” as the broom.

All criticisms are deemed racist, actionable hate-speech, even if you were America’s First Black President named Clinton.

Ask a spread-the-wealth stuttering-admission producing question on a rope line? Prepare for the full-court MSM anal exam.

And btw pal, check here to join the union. The location of secret ballots is a secret.

Under what Michael Barone dubbed The Coming Obama Thugocracy, there is but one Boss that can cut you in on a piece of the action. All of the action is government sponsored. Make your pay-off (vote for Obama and accept membership in a family approved group) and you will get your piece, so long as that piece is less than $250K.

Sell your soul to Fannie Mae and Barney Frank and maybe you can get a bigger share.

As for the rest, your wealth will be spread around. Obama picks winners and losers much like Fannie picked winners and we all lost except Franklin Raines.

But don’t mistake Obama for Robin Hood, who took back from the rich government what was stolen from his formerly Merry Men and Women (aka We the People).

No, Obama is the Sheriff of Nottingham. In most territories ruled by one boss, said boss took same by force in the beginning or was handed same by a fearful mob.

Fear is a great enemy of Liberty. Raines happened under Liberty, but, contrary to Obama and the Democrats’ lie, we lost thanks to bad government policies, not due to greedy white people as CEOs.

We will suffer the consequences of those policies and our own affluent society, debt-driven moral irresponsibility, but the remedy isn’t to shuck Liberty and what remains of our virtue, for a Boss.

Listen to one Ayaan Hirsi Ali, that has lived under bosses abroad:

In the course of history, the search for perfect societies–that is, the failure to acknowledge human imperfection–almost always ended in one or another form of theocracy, authoritarianism, or violent anarchy. But for those who seek to work with human flaws of every stripe, and to increase the sum total of individual happiness, the free market, combined with political freedom, is the best way.

Under free market capitalism, there is much more action and many more winners with bigger pieces of the action.

We are at a crossroads. Obama has told his people to get in our faces. He doesn’t want us to see any face but his face. The face we have been waiting for?


What we must do now is look in the mirror and then look at the ground. The era of passing paper back and forth is over. The democrats have kept us from doing the real wealth creating work that relates to the ground, for 30 years.

The land, dear Scarlett is the only thing that lasts. And I don’t mean a house substituting for a post-tech bubble stock. Live in your house (even if you rent), and dig into the ground again, America.

Dig for oil and natural gas, and dig the foundations for new oil refineries and nuclear power plants. Want to plant a wind mill? That’s cool too.

That is the path to prosperity. Resist fleeing in fear into the arms of a Godfather or a Boss, not even The One.

Why settle for a piece of the action when you can take action and keep the pieces.

Vote McCain-Palin.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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