Bitter white bigots coming for the children again, John Lewis?

Originally published By Mike DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority and HinzSight Reports

Yesterday, Representative John Lewis(D-GA), and surrogate for the Barack Obama campaign, compared John McCain to former Alabama Governor George Wallace in blaming the McCain-Palin campaign for outrageous statements about Obama shouted out by people attending their rallies. Lewis took McCain on a civil rights tour in recent years and now Lewis stabs him in the back while pimping for Obama. Lewis has his prioroities it seems.

Who can we blame for Lewis’ outrageous statements yesterday, not to mention 13 years ago during the first debate on the House floor after Newt Gingrich and the GOP took over the House for the first time in 40 years:

In an emotional speech that alluded to the Holocaust, and the need to speak out against moral wrongs, Mr. Lewis said:

“I urge my colleagues, open your eyes. Read the proposal. Read the small print. Read the Republican contract. They are coming for the children. They are coming for the poor. They are coming for the sick, the elderly and the disabled.”

Mr. Lewis conveniently forgets that following the passage of every item in the GOP’s Contract with America in 1995, the children, elderly, sick and disabled fared better than they had in the history of mankind. Yet, Lewis still seems to see all white people and Black republicans as the same angry crowd he met on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in 1965.

I wonder if his chosen candidate would be cool with hanging out with those that bursted open Lewis’ skull on that bridge since he was only two years old at the time.

Lewis has learned nothing in thirteen years and Obama has learned nothing in 20.

Lewis’ candidate parked his butt in the pew of a Hate Whitey America Church in Chicago for 20 years; had his first political fundraiser hosted by a free on a technicality terrorist couple whose hateful views against America would be the natural result of nurture by a congregation that gives standing ovations to a Pastor that blames Uncle Sam, not Usama bin Laden for the 3000 killed on 911; and, when asked in a private meeting in San Francisco why polls showed working class whites in Pennsylvania and Ohio favored Hillary Clinton, stated that they were bitter clingers to “people that aren’t like them” (as well as God and guns).

The Democratic Party’s presidential nominee named his second book, The Audacity of Hope, after a sermon by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a man he called his mentor and pastor for two decades. Yet, when he announced his campaign for president last year, would not allow him to be seen in public on the stage during the announcement. Rather, he kept Wright in the church basement praying during same. We have all heard his blame God-damned America for giving AIDS to blacks and all the world’s problems are due to “greedy white people” sermons.

Obama wrote another book called Dreams from my Father, in which he regularly recalls his thoughts about white people he encounters. He assumes with certainty that whites despise him due to his skin color, much like, in 2007-8 he is as certain that his grandmother was a typical white racist as he is of blue collar whites. BTW, what was the difference those white men in Georgia that you nearly won a majority of? Could it be that they were ignorant of the Rev. Wright or did they think you were white? But I digress.

And what was that dream from his father? Marxism.

I asked a question weeks ago if Lawyer Obama could name ONE client he had served and one member of a community he organized other than the community to vote for Obama, or if all his character witnesses had to hide in basements; plead the Fifth or seek court orders to seal University of Chicago board minutes lest we gaze upon the conversations between neighbors.

Obama was asked if he had ever represented ACORN, the community to commit and be convicted of voter fraud organization. He said no.

He lied.

His name is in the Federal Reporter as co-counsel for ACORN in a case seeking to preserve the right to register drivers’ license applicants to vote, even if they can’t prove citizenship.

We now learn that Obama wrote a book review for the guy he said he only waved at on the way out of his driveway and that they were allied in attempts to indoctrinate school children in leftist ideology under the guise of education “reform” via the Annenberg Foundation.

We also know that America’s Number One Racist, Black Muslim Louis Farrakhan was the first to call Obama “The Messiah” and that the man Obama always refers to as “Minister” was honored by his own Trinity United Church of Christ.

A recent column by Sandy Rios at Townhall.com ties all of the influences that define the left which Gamecock says, includes Obama:

Hippies were often little more than clueless spoiled brats dulled by drugs, but others were serious radicals who preyed upon trouble and agitated it with the stated purpose of revolution. They wanted to overthrow the government of the United States of America. The black movement was characterized on the one hand by the high-minded non-violence of Dr. Martin Luther King, and on the other by the violent anger of the Black Panthers. The hate-filled factions of each, black and white, found each other and together nearly shipwrecked the country and undermined the Vietnam War. It was success for the rebellion in part … but not completely.As those frustrated radicals came of age, they realized they would have to game the system, and improve their plans to accomplish their goals. They got advanced degrees and begin to fill colleges and universities… They virtually eliminated the American story from history, removed civics, dumbed down math and science and English with outcome-based education. It became more important that kids had the right “thinking” on social and environmental issues than that they understood the academic disciplines. They took over law school faculties, co-opted many mainline Christian denominations—like Methodists and Presbyterians—and subtly replaced the teachings of scripture on man’s need for redemption with emphases on social justice and helping the poor. Man could now obtain his own redemption without any inconvenient mention of sin or moral behavior.

The above explains why Obama only sees evil in Darfur and the streets of America and not in Islamists and why he has no moral opprobrium strong enough to alter his actions in parking his butt in their pews, living rooms, marches or in head of state meetings without preconditions of Rev. Wright, Rev. Ayers, “Minister” Farrakhan or even Iran’s genocide seeker, respectively.

He favors class-envy fueled Marxism, pure and simple as evidenced by his advocacy for raising the capital gains (and other taxes) on the “the rich” (defined as making more than $250K – see Wendy’s franchisor?) even when he learns that lowering said tax rates increases revenue, because he says, “fairness” demands it.

His alliances, associations and actions show a consistent opposition to traditional judeo-chrstian American exceptionalism vaues.

His leftist ideological soulmates thought it OK to tear the nation apart on the lie that Gore really won in 2000 and cried the abominable lie for 5 years that bushlied and tortured and killed innocents on purpose for oil and too bad the media now obsessed with a few kooks at GOP rallies can’t see that kooks named Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, et al have been saying worse and having their utterances accepted as acceptable public discourse.

Much like the bile of Wright and Ayers and Obama himself, which refutes the obligatory qualifiers of Krauthammer and others that “obviously” Obama doesn’t share their radical views.

I think it is obvious that he does. Wright said we didn’t “bat an eye” before Hiroshima and Obama says our forces in Iraq are terrorists bombing innocent children.

All questions are answered.

[Postscript re John Lewis: I have met John Lewis and revere him as a true hero that laid down his body for liberty in America. But his racist statements are a disgrace. He should apologize for his many racist statements.]

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