Innocent life: McCain protects the "punishment" Obama lets die in soiled utility rooms

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Originally published by Mike DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority and HinzSight Reports

My brilliant conservative, non-columnist friend in the banking industry desires, and rightfully so, that Obama and the Democrats be hit again and again – at least by McCain and his ads! – on a number of issues. My most recent economics column introduced Boata’s desire that liberals be defeated by references to facts and refuted by logic to the point they are shut up or relegated to filibustering incoherently (which they are very good at). This is an event gamecock has often achieved under the nomenclature of placing liberals in the corner in the fetal position, and so don’t we all wish they would stay in that position!

They don’t, but Rush sees great benefits in having a few libs around spouting liberal drivel so we are reminded of the decrepitude of their ideas and proven failed policy proposals. What we must do is defeat them at the polls.

Boata’s debut at Redstate dealt with the economy.

Now GC is directed to deal with the following, which I will deal with in the context of “innocent life vs. evil”:

(1) The detonation of a nuclear device (most probably multiple devices) in the next administration. Most likely will be delivered via shipping to the US and set off in harbors likely in conjunction with at least one trucked to Israel. No one will talk about this – not PC and heads in the sand – but it is going to happen. I know the differences in Obama and McCain’s handling of crisis situations has been mentioned, but this backdrop is stark and sobering – if anyone will take it seriously.and (2) Obama’s view on abortion. This is a topic most are afraid to approach, but it is a topic that has seen a turnaround in views the last couple of decades. No longer is pro-choice in the majority. Obama’s ‘pay grade’ needs to be hammered home, and the fact that when life begins really has only 5 possibilities 1) At birth 2) At viability (which shrinkspractically every year) 3) At start of brain activity 4) At start of heartbeat 5) At conception. If Obama does not know when life begins, then the logical and moral stance is to play it safe.

At the Saddleback Church debate, Pastor Risk Warren asked Obama and McCain about what we should do about evil in the world and at what point a baby gets human rights.


Obama responded by calling on America to confront evil in Darfur and on our streets. Obama identified no time before birth that a baby gets human rights. Rather, he changed the question to when life begins and also refused to answer his own question.

Looking at Obama’s record and statements pre-Saddleback, one can’t determine when a born alive infant human baby gets human rights either given that he was instrumental in preventing the enactment of a bill, while serving in the Illinois legislature requiring that physicians give life-saving medical care to babies they fail to kill via abortion.

Obama claimed that the bill would jeopardize abortion rights granted by the US Supreme Court and that babies were already protected by current state law.

He lied.

Witnesses from Illinois abortion clinics and hospitals have confirmed on live television/radio and in print media that babies born alive after botched abortions are left to die on the abortionist table or out of sight in soiled utility rooms. We searched in vain for any prosecutions of “doctors” allowed these out of the womb deaths, some of which suffering lasted for hours.

Moreover, Obama claimed that he would have voted for the bill had it contained the same supposed “Roe v. Wade abortion right preserving language” of a federal law that passed before his recent election to same by an overwhelming majority with the backing of many abortion rights groups and even California’s junior Senator Barbara Boxer, often referred to as the Senator from planned parenthood given her (and most democrats in Congress for that matter) support for partial birth abortion (baby is partially delivered with its feet outside the womb reaching to touch Earth while an abortionist rams its womb encased skull with scissors and then sucks its brains out so one can’t call it murder under state law) and opposition to a federal law outlawing same.

The fact is that the second version of the Illinois law that Obama opposed was fashioned after and contained the EXACT same language as the federal law.

Obama never mentioned the evil of the perpetrators of 911 at Saddleback. He has mentioned that he would sit down without pre-conditions with Iran’s genocide against Israel seeking President and has often spoken of America’s military actions against Islamist terrorists as morally equivalent to the acts of the terrorists themselves.

Lastly, with respect to the democrat, we got a glimpse of Obama’s view on the worth or “intrinsic value” of human life, when, speaking in favor of grammar school sex education; contraception distribution at schools and abortion rights when he expressed his wish that neither of his daughters not be “punished” with an unwanted pregnancy.

John McCain, on the other hand, stated to pastor Warren that life begins at conception and that we must defeat evil, and especially the innocent life threatening Islamist terrorists that perpetrated 911 and who are trying to defeat the desires of freedom loving people in Iraq and around the world.

With respect to homeland security, McCain has supported, and Obama has opposed, most all efforts to strengthen the hand of the executive branch under the Commander in Chief to identify foreign and domestic threats, whether it be with respect to surveillance of telephone calls by and to suspected terrorists and immunity for telecom companies for post-911 assistance.

Could the choice be more stark?

I think not.

[On a side note with respect to prospect of a WMD attack by terrorists inside the United States, I think we owe President Bush and the GOP a great debt of gratitude for keeping us safe since 911.

The combination of the roundup of 900+ muslin nation visa overstays immediately after 911; breakup of numerous terror cells thanks to aggressive interrogation of captured terrorists and CIA and FBI changed missions and tactics; the killing of tens of thousands of terrorists diverted from the Lower 48 to prevent a free Iraq; and aggressive domestic surveillance has kept us safe.

But, I think it is inevitable that we will suffer WMD losses on our soil and that the real choice is how often we will suffer. The choice is best encapsulated that we fight them over there so that we don’t have to fight them AS MUCH over here.]

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