The notion Congress was "too late" to suspend Newton's Third law

The party is over.

The inebriated invitees depart the party locale for home with their mates. Sober mates of the inebriated (see wives) desire to cure their charges. Some use Folgers ($1.10/cup). Some use No Doze ($2.34/pill). Some use Reds (priceless).

All hurl in the Porcelain shrine at various times, but the Folgers drinker has more resources remaining to address dehydration.

Would that speed-addicted Congress drank Folgers.

People, we had a good ride, despite being told every day that Bush World was 1929 2.0. We blackberried from SUV’s on the way to Big Screens housed in two-story non-common stock in big-hole-less post-911 cities, suburbs and ex-urbs, cursing the non-burning Bush that kept them hole-less.

Nice ride, but too bad we bought the reds before the hurling was over. We could have spent every dime we had and felt more secure before the ejaculation.

Looking at the ejaculation, we wish we had post-Folgers dimes for a better clean up.

America is going to be tested to the depths of its soul.

No Paulson panic prevention bill, that puts smiles on glorified, yea/nay drones of any amount can suspend the effect of gravity on apples nor the effect of debt on disposable income.

Quaker States, Model T’s, Microsofts and “alternative energies” don’t bail us out at our beck and call. The tech bubble burst, so we turned inward on the American dream and ate the seed corn: our homes.

We turned the hearth into a brick, mortar and dry wall certificate of deposit.

Nature demands a withdrawal, and Congress can put words on paper Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (see Beatles album) all it wants, but the withdrawal will be had.

The vain will say that “if only” Congress had genuflected at Paulson’s feet 15 days ago, we could have suspended the apple in mid-air.


We will pay for the party. The only question raised by machinations over when glorified representatives would pat themselves on the back, was how much ammo we would have left when payment comes due.

Thanks to the GOP, we will have more ammo when it comes, but the whole focus on same misses the big picture.

Fellow Americans, I would suggest that you watch 1930’s black and white movies that feature boarding houses occupied by the non-familial and take notes.

Then go to Church, and pray.

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