The retirement of Cockstradamus

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. – Ecclesiastes 1:2

While a Democratic Party official from 1980-1996, I correctly prognosticated, despite favorable national polls, the losses of Carter, Mondale, and Dukakis, and as a converted Republican, the losses of Gore and Kerry. I believe Obama is unelectable. I predicted the ending of the oil drilling moratorium two months ago, the declaration of victory in Iraq (see draw down of troops) and that Russia would never get to Tbilisi. I said Palin would pinch Biden’s plugs last night and that the dawgs would lose to the Crimson Tide between the hedges.

But so what?

I would say that from 1980-1996, I never publicly expressed my (then) pessimism to fellow democrats. What good would that have done, given my goals at that time? None.

So, to ensure that I don’t inspire more of the locust-like loathsome naysayers that already waste bandwidth telling us that McCain can’t win, I hereby tender my nostra-resignation.

What good does it do for people that portend to support the conservative cause to persist in negativism now that the MLB playoffs have begun, unless it is to maximize the 24 hours of faux fame they would enjoy immediately after Election Day?

Isn’t their real message that polls that favor Obama are gospel and that Americans are too stupid to be persuaded to accept the truth of conservatism?

We are past the point of the primaries where criticism held out the chance that we would pick a better nominee. Now, we face a stark choice with, as always, a flawed human being as our choice.

So, what good does it do to declare the election over, except to satisfy some narcissistic, nihilistic and/or defeatist pathology of the blogger?

If the declared point is to cause the GOP to move to the left or to change McCain, isn’t that task better put off till next year?

I will no longer give cover to the pathetic, ignorant of history yutes (or burnt out hippies) with my vetted for optimism Karnakisms (see Johnny Carson skit).

And I will henceforth be relentless in calling out these leeches on Redstate, Race 4 2008 and primitive hospitals, especially those that have an idea for an ad or campaign response occur to them; bemoan that same hasn’t been executed within five seconds and then bemoan the fact that same occurred within ten seconds.

Grow up bloggers. The world doesn’t rise and set because you exist; sit in the peanut gallery; and don’t have to expend capital to make your dreams come true like the Holodeck on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Before I accept the gold watch, some facts:

No known Leftist has ever been elected President.Known leftists regularly lead in pre-election polls

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