Obama owns defeat. Can't even unite 218 Democrats, much less America

Barack Obama owns the defeat of the Wall Street bail-out bill today, more so than Speaker Pelosi, President Bush or anyone else.

Obama has held himself out for over a year as The One we have been waiting for to change old politics and unify us. When the crisis broke out over ten days ago, he scoffed at McCain’s flight to D.C. to return to his Day job amidst the crisis.

The previously thought omnipresent one advised that if he was needed, he could be reached by telephone. How very 19th Century of him.

The Treasury Secretary of the United States called The One.

Obama came to Washington since Washington wouldn’t come to him.

Pelosi and Reid designated Obama as the sole, lone, sufficient, omniscient spokesman, er ah, I mean spokesperson, for ALL DEMOCRATS in the huge pow wow in the cabinet Room at the White (man’s? see Rev. Wright) House with the President, Vice President and even Barney Frank, to try and bring all parties Democrat (House and Senate) and Republicans (Senate and even House and whatever Bush-Paulson have become).

Pelosi and Reid did not speak in the meeting.

Obama, alone, spoke for the Party of the JackAss.

But un-miraculously, no worlds came into being; no firmaments firmented; no seas were parted; no oceans lowered; and no republicans licked his boots (save for Paulson – is he a Repub anyway?).

But being a Messiah, his words were not without effect.

Hours later 95 of his own, i.e. Democrats, now known as Judas Iscariots, abandoned him and joined the Pelosi designated unpatriotic Republicans.

And to think, we waited over 232 years for this. We don’t yet own him, thank God, and I doubt we ever will because

Barack Hussein Obama owns:

A Felon Rezko’s house bought with Saddam’s money

A 20-year pew parked butt at Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Hate Whitey America Church

A fallen soldier’s name bracelet that he won’t shut up about despite the cries of the mother and father; and

the defeat of this socialism bill due to his failure to unite even his own party while yelling Great Depression-like consequences.

And we are supposed to fear this cat why?

You say Gallup? that same organization that elected Presidents Mondale, Dukakis, and Kerry in all months but November?


Could it be that Obama is not the Messiah? Could it be that he plays another biblical role more like the One that tempted the real One with the whole world and that McCain’s meekness somehow saved the day? Saved America from a socialism huge big step?

I think so.

But Obama does say “middle class” at lot, if that floats your boat…

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