Are Brit Hume and Fox News No Better Than the Palin E-Mail Hacker? [updated]

This is vile unless my eyes deceived me.

Fox News Channel rightly condemns the criminal hacker for violating Palin’s privacy while “reporting” it with pictures millions can download, thus multiplying the criminal’s objective exponentially. The voice over was speaking of pictures of Palin’s emails and address book while shoeing pictures of e-mail addresses.

I stopped watching CNN aka The Terrorist Propaganda films of Americans being being shot in Iraq “news” network years ago due to same (I do watch interviews and talk shows on CNN), but suspect they and the other Dem party agents on CBS, NBC and ABC have also shown the pictures of Palin’s private info for longer periods that would allow viewers to tape same).

But isn’t Fox supposed to be different? The fair balance?

Television depictions of the fruits of the criminal hacker’s poisonous tree should also be a crime, and if it were Obama’s e-mails to felon Rezko, terrorist Ayers or Hate Whitey America “pastor” Wright, Reid and Pelosi would be convening hearings now or calling for a floor vote to amend the federal statutes as we speak.

Fox crossed a line today and gamecock is calling them out.

I am also not going to sit idly by and let McCain get away with some of his BS today re Cox, sleepy regulators and greedy lenders either. A blog on that within 24 hours. TEASE” Who was greedier? The lenders or the borrowers?

God won’t let me be quiet even if we do face an Obama threat. [Besides, I have been telling you he, nor any other leftist can’t win since Dec 2006, so calm down.]

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