Piggish Dem crowds now the party leaders [updated re vile 911 Dem pigs]

Originally published at following link By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority and HinzSight Reports

I don’t presume to know if Barack Obama was referring to Sarah Palin with his “lipstick on a pig” remark. But only a fool would deny that the wildly cheering crowd of Democrats to whom he was speaking didn’t presume that he was so referring to Sarah’s “pit bull” joke in her speech to the RNC last week.

This is especially so given the behavior of past Democrat gatherings:

1) The wildly cheering congregation of Democrats at the Wellstone Memorial Service that was turned into a raucous political rally in which Republican Senators attending to pay respects to their fallen colleague were booed by the crowd.

“If one ceases to believe in God, one doesn’t believe in nothing. One believes in anything.” – Chesterton

They will make politics their religion in which anything goes for the cause. See Marx.

2) Yet, many of those Democrats that do portend to believe in God are not immune to vile behavior sold on CD’s. Witness the behavior of the Congregation at Rev. Wright’s church, the one of the 20-year Obama parked butt. Obama can deny he ever heard any offending words from Wright’s lips about hated Whitey America all he wants, but such denials can’t drown out the din of his pew-parked butt nor the cheers of his beloved church family.

3) And finally, do you all remember the reaction of the crowd of Democrats hearing Hillary say that she was qualified to be President because she had experience in dealing with “bad men”? Hillary may not have been consciously referring to her husband, but the crowd presumed so.

After 18 years in the morally and intellectually bankrupt organization known as the Democrat Party, I knew my die was cast to eventually leave the party (which I did in 2000) one day when I saw myself and Bill Clinton as frontmen for the kooks in 1998. I stayed in the party for years due to the good people still in the party and the hope that I could help steer it back to JFK liberalism and away from its increasing hostility to people of faith.

I finally could not abide being associated with that vile creature any longer. I look back now and see my early years as a useful idiot for a party that serves the interests of no American citizen.

Given the behavior of recent Democrat Party crowds, I have to conclude that the number of people with any shame is decreasing exponentially.

Who knows what The Stammering One meant? He only puts two coherent sentences together when reading a script. But the Democrats in the crowds have memorized their vile script over many years. And if they forget them the DailyKos kids will remind them of General Betrayus.

No missing what they think.

[update re Biden/Dem crowd piggish on 911]

This line from an AP story in the Charlotte Observer on 9/11/08:

Seven years means we are far enough away that Sen. Joe Biden can joke in a Democratic debate that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani only mentions three things in a sentence, “a noun and a verb and 9/11,” and bring down the house.

The liberal “we”, ain’t the same as We the People. I have warned never to mistake Democratic primary (and especially caucus) voters for insights into the American electorate. Same goes for an “we” that thinks Biden’s vile joke is funny. Within hours these types thought 911 eligible for the butt of vile jokes.

Have I mentioned recently how vile the Democrat Party is? And not just their leaders and activists, but also those that laugh at vileness and those that remain silent and don’t denounce it.

Much like all but Joe Lieberman and the silence in the face of the vile lie that Bush lied or mislead us into war. I said all along they would answer for that and it looks like they will answer with an Obama landslide loss and the return of an unapologetic, unabashed Reaganite to a seat of Power:

This time its a woman.

VP Palin and the shattering, not of glass ceilings, but rather of the cracked floor upon which those that tried to lynch Clarence Thomas and are now trying again in vain to lynch Palin.

This time the maddening pigs will fall so low that ants will urinate on them.

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