Basic questions the MSM and even O'Reilly won't ask The One?

Originally published at The Minority/HinzSight Reports

Well, he was The One before McCain went and got One that will raise the obvious questions, i.e. former mayor that can feild dress a a Moose.

I watched Bill get red-faced over Jesse Jackson for over two years with challenges to the Reverend Obama Castrator wanna be, and then saw Bill Pussycat when Jackson showed up on the set. Jesse was treated like an esteemed moral arbiter. No tax, love child, etc. questions. Same with Hillary.

Obama has seen this dichotomy as well, and knows its safe to go on O’Reilly, who is no different than Wolf Blitzer, Chris Wallace, Tom Brokaw et al, as he also wants FOLLOW-UP interviews, which apparently means he dare not ask the following simple basic questions:

1 – Have you tried a case Lawyer Obama? If so, please name your client(s).

2 – Can you provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of at least three members of any communities you organized?

3 – Did you attend the Million Man March?

4 – Have you ever met Louis Farrakhan? How many times? Ever broke bread with him?

5 – When did you become aware that your Church honored Louis Farrakhan?

6 – Did you see the standing ovations of Trinity church members during Wright’s sermons?

7 – Why didn’t you leave the church when Wright’s successor, in his first sermon, endorsed Wright’s hate speech?

8 – Why did you submit to having your first political fundraiser in the home of a man that hates America?

9 – How old were you when James Earl Ray killed MLK?

10 – Was your birth a punishment to your Mom?

Of course, given the stuttering each question would incite, a DeVine Law interview might not end before the landslide defeat at the hands of McCain-Palin occurs on Election Day.

Earlier today I challenged Obama to name a community he organized or a client he represented. It seems that witnesses to his achievements have to hide in Church basements, behind court orders sealing documents or behind the Fifth Amendment pending charges. I specifically ruled out former starry-eyed sophomores claiming he inspired them to go on to care so much about people that they favor taxing others to provide their Jesus-like charity for the least of these.

Then, five minutes later I hear that he is now playing down the legal community work and wants to emphasize that he was a professor. Apparently some Ivy will talk in public?

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