BREAKING: Apology on ABC from Dem making Gustav-GOP joke before absentee's Redstate story made MSM

Originally published By Mike DeVine, as Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report

Ex-Dem Chair Apologizes for Hurricane Remark

August 31, 2008 5:55 PMABC News’ Teddy Davis Reports: Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler apologized on Sunday for joking in a private conversation that the timing of Hurricane Gustav demonstrates that God is on the side of the Democrats. “If this offended anybody, I personally apologize,” Fowler told ABC News. “It was a mistake, and it was a satirical statement made in jest. And one that I clearly don’t believe.” Fowler was secretly recorded by the person sitting behind him while flying from Denver, Colo., to Charlotte, N.C., following the Democratic National Convention. His conversation with Rep. John Spratt, D-S.C., was anonymously posted to YouTube and highlighted by RedState.com, a conservative blog.

Read it all via link above.

This is yet another example of the fading influence of the MSM and the rising influence of Redstate, The Minority Report and other conservative blogs and media. See also that John Edwards was forced to admit his affair before the MSM fully reported that story.

My next blog will chronicle this phenomenon.

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