Thirty-Five Years

By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report

Everyone that lives 35 years has 35 years of experience. The U.S. Constitution requires same for anyone that would serve as President of the United States. Therefore, we always choose among adults with at least that much life experience.

I have never used experience as an argument for or against a Democrat and Republican. What matters most is what they believe, i.e. their world view and what policies they advocate. I would choose a so-called inexperienced conservative that is right on the issues over an “experienced” liberal any day.

And what passes for “experience” anyway? Serving on a committee in Washington? Please don’t insult my intelligence.

In fact, that Joe Biden remains a liberal after 30+ years on Washington committees and requisite reality muggings, speaks very poorly for him. Liberal policies on all fronts are proven failures, whether it be peace in our time appeasement; blaming society for crime; and not recognizing that “the rich” are the ones that create jobs and don’t have to invest in same if taxes are raised and regulations enhanced.

John F. Kennedy and Sarah Palin came to the right conclusions on these basics at earlier ages than most.

We elect Presidents to make the right decisions, not spout inanities on Meet the Press that passes for good diplomatic lies. Reagan was ridiculed for calling the USSR an “evil empire.” Lack of experience was cited for the presumed faux pas. After being freed from tyranny, Poland’s Lech Walesa and many Soviet dissidents along with many Soviet leaders admitted that Reagan stripped the USSR bare, undermining them for the world to see and giving hope to the enslaved.

Oftentimes this good and evil matter is best seen from outside the beltway. Lincoln and Reagan saw it from outside the beltway. Knowing how wealth is created is also best seen from there.

Palin has stared across the Bering Strait at evil her whole life; participated in local government like a Jeffersonian; quit a government job over principle; partnered with a husband that creates wealth; and brought life into this world and nurtured it. She has run a state government.

She has actual accomplishments that others can testify to.

Attorney Obama has never tried, much less won, a case. No organized members of communities spoke on his behalf this week. It seems that all of his witnesses to past hope/change accomplishments must be hidden in Church basements; locked away in university foundation safes or protected by court order; or locked up as felons.

McCain doesn’t own the experience issue because of age. He owns it because of what he learned from it.

But the dirty little secret is that “experience” divorced from substance means nothing. For many, it is a deceit of elitists inside the beltway.

For me? Are you 35? Ok, we can talk.

And when We the People talk to these post 34ers, we don’t choose leftists.

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