I see just another leftist Democrat loser, not a Black man

By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report

Fellow baseball lover, George Will made a great point about the real proof that white racism had ceased to be a major factor in American life. It was not so much when Frank Robinson was hired as the first African-American manager in Major League Baseball. Rather, it was when he was fired on the same terms as white managers were fired all the time.

The same test obtains with respect to Barack Obama.

I have known for at least eight years and probably much longer that white racism no longer held back blacks from achieving the American Dream, and I would admit that Obama’s nomination is further proof of same. However, Larry Elder and Dave Hinz point out quite well much earlier proofs.

Forty-five years after the Rev Martin Luther King, Jr made that speech, that promissory note of which he spoke has come due. The little children of his time now attend Harvard Law School. The little children of his time have risen to become Cabinet Level Secretaries.The child of his time is running for the highest office in this land.Paid In Full!The US Constitution, and that wonderful speech of 45 years ago, did not demand equality of outcome — merely equality of opportunity. The opportunity is now — the opportunity is equal. The time is now, to move beyond the dream, and to focus, on substance.Sen. Barack Obama has been given a great gift. Doors have been opened to him that were not available a few short decades ago. It is not necessary that he be elected President of the United States, in order for America to pass beyond this veil of latent racism that the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party demands we accept.

MLK’s dream did not require that a Black man be elected President for it to be fulfilled. One day a Black man will be elected President, but it won’t be this year. Why? Because Obama is going to lose for the same reason most Democrats lose in Presidential elections. They are leftists unfavorably judged by the lack of content of character.

Judged by the content of his character, I see a dangerous leftist, and have since February 2007. And like all such previous known leftists, I see a Presidential election loser. Eighteen months ago I said:

Barack Obama is an Out of the Mainstream Liberal McGovernite Barack Obama is racing to beat Hillary for the McGovern mantle on the war. His voting record is as far left as any Democrat in the Congress. Yet, Biden calls him mainstream. In fact Biden calls him the first mainstream Black to seek the Presidency. Yet, one would be hard pressed to find any policy differences between him, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find any Democrats beyond one standard deviation of Ted Kennedy. Based on voting records and policy statements, (which are what matters), there are ZERO elected Democrats in DC save maybe Nelson in Nebraska and Lieberman on the war. Yet, the MSM is hard at work trying to make the lie that Obama is “mainstream” a Known Fact, due to his “tone.” Tone and a quarter will get you the same failed liberal policies that un-tone will. Tone, good looks and soothing rhetoric count for nothing unless they are employed for the right policies.

Obama didn’t stand a chance being elected in February of 2007, February of 2008 and especially not since we heard the din of the 20-year pew-parked butt in a hate whitey America Church who has to hide all the pals that could vouch for him in Church basements, university archives behind lock and key and/or federal prisons.

The American people vote on substance. His substance is far left, way outside the mainstream of American values.

I wrote months ago that the pathologies of the left, especially including those that look the other way and make Black kooks mainstream would not survive given that this thin reed wants the nukes. The pathologies of Southern whites had to be culled after King’s speech as well.

That is why he will lose, and in that process fulfill King’s dream rather than the leftist politically correct white guilt identity politics dream of the left.

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