Obama & Biden, Attorneys-at-Law yet never tried a case [updated]

Oh yeah Barack, and what community did you organize and are at least two witnesses still alive.

Questions the MSM professional journalists never ask: Joe, Barack, can either of you name ONE case you tried to a jury? I am not asking for the style of a case you won, mind you. Just name a case you actually took to court and the telephone numbers of your clients.

We know that Joe has “foreign policy” experience, defined in the US senate as talking about small countries and coming close to correctly pronouncing the minister of commerce’s name.

But have either of you won a jury trial?

After you answer that question we will move on to analyzing the 300+ opinions of Justice Clarence Thomas. If it helps, he is to you as Paul Bunyan is to an ant.

Did you see the recent 60 Minutes profile? That was what we call a man of character. Look in the mirror for the antithesis and then go back to your Anita Hill worship room.

Waiting on the curriculum vitaes…

still waiting

new politics Obama? Not enough to disagree with Thomas. Not enough to say he lacked exp….before you caught your change/hope self world where experience matters not (see Rev Wright and Louis)

Matters not since you can say change and hope in baritone all clean and articulate.

First witness re clean: Biden’s sensitive nose.

I tremble at the gravity of the ticket.

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