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In Late 2006 I predicted the GOP nominee would win the presidency again in 2008 because I saw that the Dem Party had rejected Clinton DLC moderation. This was before I knew Obama’s middle name and assumed Hillary would probably be the nominee. Had no clue who the GOP nominee would be.

Then, in 2007 I renewed my prediction that Obama would lose due to his overt leftism.

America has never elected a known liberal and won’t in 2008.

Now, as so many are obsessed with predicting Obama’s VP first (I’m reminded of competitions for the ugliest chick at the prom), I just want to reiterate that I have never been wrong in a presidential election prediction since 1980.

I was a democrat official from 1980-1998. I knew we would lose even when MSM polls tried to say otherwise in Augusts past, so when I see a Repub actually ahead in an MSM propaganda tool, …as if.

Rev Wright was louder and sooner than Willie Horton.

Who cares who Obama’s VP is and who cares who guesses first?

not me