Warren did not need Land's saddle on his back [re-updated]

Originally published in and introducing Gamecock’s DeVine Law

[2nd update]

Rick Warren pulled off a masterfully revealing “cone of silence” debate with identical, well-crafted questions to Obama and McCain tonight. All fears that Warren was in the tank for Obama were unfounded. His low key approach allowed Obama to hang himself with his halting non-answers vs. McCain’s honest, direct unflinching answers. Obama never identified that a baby in the womb ever has any rights. Most voters don’t want a confrontation like attack peppering Obama about Rev. Wright. I do, but what I learned tonight is something I learned long a ago in courtrooms against witnesses but never applied to politics: Ask a pointed question in a low key voice and count on the jury to get it.

Thank you Rick warren for your service to America, gamecock’s trust and hopes, and our Lord!

Your format and approach revealed a bright boy vs. a Man.

[end 2nd update]

The greatest and most blessed Land east (and west) of the Garden of Eden has needed continual healings of varying degrees since its founding. We became the last best hope of man on Earth, the arsenal of Democracy and God-given Liberty’s Shining City on a Hill because we sought and received healings of our Land via a Judeo-Christian prescription:

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Dr. Richard Land, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), prescribed that Scriptural anecdote for what ails America recently as a guest speaker at the First Baptist Church in Charlotte.

Dr. Land is a frequent quest on Meet the Press and other prominent television programs and probably the best “public Evangelical face” save for Reverend Billy Graham, who best refutes the secular left’s false caricature of Christians as wanting to “impose our views” on America.

The fact is that Christians, and especially those of the Evangelical variety finally joined more politically active Catholics, and became politically active in large numbers when five or more lawyers on the U.S. Supreme Court began imposing their views via their re-written, non-ratified by We the People Constitution on them beginning in the 1960’s and especially after the early 1970’s ruling that struck down anti-abortion laws in most of the states.

Dr. Land has been calling for a healing of our land long before $4.00/gallon gas and milk; in no wise demands that non-Christians participate in the initial operation; and cites prior healings initiated in our history by Christians that healed the land for all.

Dr. Land distinguishes between America as “Blessed”, being an undeserved gift, and “Healed’ as having to be earned, and while he also cites Lincoln’s, we need to be on God’s side” along with the SBC admonition that God is on no political party’s side, he does not hesitate to declare that God is on Life’s side and that one cannot vote for a pro-abortion rights politician or judge and be on God’s side.


Rick Warren would do well to put Land’s Biblical saddle on his back if he wants to be true to his mission and not allow a fatal to the Go Ye mission under the Christian tent.

The life issue is simply fundamental, and Warren faces a moment of truth more than Obama and McCain.

But before turning to the “Chronicles” Plan, Land chronicles some past healings that are instructive for stanching today’s cultural rot. He cites the prominent role Christians played in the Abolitionist movement that lead to ending slavery; the Progressive movement that brought necessary workplace reforms; the Suffragette movement for women and the Civil Rights movement.

He then bemoaned that over the past forty years, the secular culture has influenced the Church more than Christians have been salt and light for America.

Our Constitution vests power in We the People, not just we the non-religious people, and Dr. Land enunciated the long held Baptist advocacy for separating church form State lest the state harm the church in its soul saving mission. But he also pointed out that Christians are part of we the people and that free speech is not just free non-religious speech. Land echoed gamecock in his, we speak, we vote, we accept the outcome till the next vote.

That said, Dr. Land then turned to the scripture and declared that the healing we seek for all of America’s land begins with God’s people, as it is God speaking in verse 14 above saying “my people.”

The formula Land cites seems eerily familiar to several periods in America’s history, some of which pre-ceded our founding and the Church’s (and Hebrew peoples’) history for the past 2000-5000 years. The formula?

Revival. Awakening. Reformation.

Revival occurs when Christians humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face and turn from their wicked ways. The first step is for “Christians themselves” to clean up their act so that others want in on the act. When others look and see the benefits of eschewing drugs, saving sex for marriage, staying married and living wholesome lives.

There is no imposing of anything. It is first about an example that persuades and draws others, so that healing is possible. No social construct can cure a disease when the ingredients (see us) are so diseased.

Land’s recent book, The Divided States of America: What Liberals and Conservatives are Missing in the God-and-Country Shouting Match! is a great amen to the sermon yours truly witnessed here in the Tar Heel state.

Christians and non-Christians alike should appreciate his approach to public policy if not all of the substantive positions.

In that regard, Dr. land recently endorsed Alaska Governor, Republican Sarah Palin for theVice-President spot on the McCain ticket. Baptists are truly the liberated woman’s friend. Land also dismissed any suggestion that Obama could peel off more than a marginal portion of the non-black Evangelical vote given his radical pro-abortion views.

Land was also one of many Christians last year and early this year that opposed having a pro-abortion presidential nominee like Rudy Giuliani.

Who says the influence of the Christian Right is waning?

Not me.

Let the healing of the land begin!

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