Stephanopoulos OK with prospective racism charges against GOP

By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report

No less than three times in the past several weeks, Barack Obama has asserted that Republicans “will” make racist appeals to scare voters from voting for him.

No one in the MSM had a problem with this slur against millions of American voters. In fact, no one said Obama had, “played the race card,” until he tied McCain’s campaign to the allegation.

Incredibly, George Stephanopoulos, in this past Sunday’s “Who Played the Race Card” segment on his ABC This Week program, explicitly and casually deemed such attacks against generic Republicans as obviously acceptable, as he criticized such attacks against John McCain in the context of the “Obama as Paris Hilton-like celebrity in Berlin” ad.

The conservative George across the table failed to muster the Will to refute the most venal Known Fact template of the Leftist MSM and Democratic Party: That to be a Republican is to be a racist that will, obviously, make racist attacks against Blacks and will make racist appeals to the obviously millions of racist Republican voters to fear voting for any Democrat.

Liberal columnist E.J. Dionne echos liberal George.

The left has also used the “race card” phrase to control discussions of race to their advantage as they equate any Republican utterance on the issue as morally equivalent to actual racism while deeming Democrats as having the “right” to raise the issue any time due to the GOP’s “history” of playing the race card, and either overlooking or exonerating based on “white guilt” actual racism practiced by the Democrats. And by actual practices, I am not only talking about their blatant race based policies and laws they advocate and defend.

So, what is this racist/fear mongering “history” of the GOP?

I guess the myth starts with Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act based on private property grounds vs. LBJ’s not so “Great” Society that kicked the Black man out the house and made Uncle Sam Daddy. The myth continues with Reagan’s safety net for only the truly needy sans “Welfare Queens” and the misleading anecdotal sob stories on broadcast news. Miraculously, no one was homeless from 1993-2000.

And of course, there was Willie Horton, about whom liberals projected their revulsion at the visage of a large Black Man with big lips and a bushy afro onto supposed racist Americans that would reject Dukakis because the rapist/murderer he released wasn’t a nice looking white guy?

Meanwhile, Democrats run ads saying electing Republicans will cause more Black churches to burn and that executing the killers of James Byrd in Texas wasn’t strong enough punishment since Governor Bush opposed so-called “hate crimes” legislation that would have devalued the lives of white children, among other white people. (see adults)

The liberal George needs to be fired or sent to sensitivity training. Will needs to assert this even if the conventional wisdom lie is 40 years old.

The template is part of an overarching strategy in the media that uses race as substitute for liberalism, the overall goal being that liberalism never be discredited and seen as the reason Democrats are rejected.

Obama is sinking in the polls because his elitism was brought to light sooner than past Dem nominees thanks to the din of Obama’s 20-year pew-parked butt in a Hate whitey America Church.

Pat Buchanan accurately describes the political reality today :

In a week, Barack, an object of media homage on his trip abroad, has become an object of mockery in much of Middle America. Though his media allies may howl racism, most Americans tend more and more to dismiss this. That card has been played so often it’s dog-eared.

The dirty little secret that MSM isn’t yet hip to is that most all whites and blacks know and have known for years that the race card allegation attacks on the GOP are phony, but that too many have been pc’d into silence for years.

Rush broke the silence years ago. McCain did days ago.

I said in the fall 07 that since Obama wants the nukes, that this pathology will be aired and exposed. It is happening.

Republicans really need to stop using and stop acquiescing in the use of the phrases “race card” and “Playing the race card.” We should insist that allegations of wrongdoing be specifically described and accurately labeled. And we should insist that it is perfectly good and, indeed, necessary that people that are falsely accused of racism speak out and defend themselves and that false witnesses be put to shame in public.

Much like was properly done against actual white racists in the 50s and 60s.

What a concept.

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