More Oil Drilling vs. Special Session

The democrats have inflicted a self suicide on their own country for 30 years in blocking expanded oil drilling, as well as oil refinery and nuclear power plant construction for 30 years.

They are solely responsible for same via Democratic congressional majorities, presidents or minority filibusters.

Minority House republicans achieved a major strategic victory in the political public relations war this past Friday with their sit-in after Pelosi abruptly adjourned and cut off the lights and C-Span coverage of the rally that followed.

House members made over 50 speeches to gallery standing ovations after the attempted silence, from which grainy cell phone pics made it to Fox News and the fact of same made it to MSM Sunday shows.

Obama flipped on oil drilling on Friday.

We won a great victory that will most likely result in the dems allowing a vote in September, the result of which will be a major drop in prices that will bring needed relief to lower income families suffering from the facts on the ground.

It is essential that this great PR victory not be lost.

The greatest threat to same does not come from the MSM or the Dems. Rather, it comes from republicans that would move their goal posts to be whether President Bush calls a special session, the first since 1948.

The goal is a law that removes the congressional moratorium on expanded off-shore oil drilling, not a special session that would make such a law less likely.

The dems would not pass such a law under duress and would be less likely to pass same afterward.

We have then so much on the defensive now, that Obama has caved.

Let’s not grab defeat from the jaws of victory.

The President’s ending of the executive moratorium is now helping Americans with the drop in price from $4.11 to $3.69 in SC, now.

This matters.

Kudlow & Co. on MSNBC agrees.

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