McCain/Reagan: Taxes, Speakers and the Race Card

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By the most basic of criteria, John McCain is running a great campaign. He is defying history by either leading polls or being within the margin of error in July when past Dem losers led by from 7-14 points at this stage.

He is responding daily to attacks with speed reminiscent of the Cue ball Carville, Paul “the Forehead” Begala, and Hillary war room for Bill.

Today, he did something I have been praying for a republican to do, and that even Reagan didn’t do:

He not only pushed back on race card allegations, he leveled the race card charge against the Democrat. And Obama backed down.

McCain has been all over Obama’s gaffes on tire pressure, the surge, etc., and has obliterated Obama’s near dead cat Euro tour bounce.

So, it was with some distress that I saw several blogs that attacked McCain so harshly for kind words for Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and his “nothing off the table” remark re taxes in any future negotiations with Democrats in Congress to reform Social Security.

President Reagan was chummy with Tip O’Neil and signed off on a Social Security rescue package that included tax increases.

McCain buttered up a lady that he may have to deal with next year and simply made a generic statement about some future SSA issue that will become obligatory to deal with as a true crisis, if not before.

Republicans, especially fellow conservatives, McCain is our nominee. I have written many columns about the necessity of holding his feet to the fire given the proof that he can be moved. But these statements were not occasions for same, in my opinion.

I am thrilled with McCain’s campaign performance and as we get closer to Election Day we should be increasingly focused on victory and less on purity.

I will lead the We the People coalition beginning January 21, 2009 to make sure our hired hand does our will.

Let’s beat Obama now.

McCain is doing fine in that regard. Obama himself is doing a better job. Pray that Obama doesn’t get laryngitis.

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