'Cocky Sabbatical ends in Christian humility

The purpose of a Sabbatical is to renew one’s faith and the energy and enthusiasm to act on it. Mine from Redstate was successful, thanks to a Georgia angel sent from its Bar to remind a certain rooster that it’s not all about him.

Its about the Lord’s work first and America’s second as it fits into the first.

The nation-state that God ordained as part of the post-Eden, post Babel damage control plan is under attack from a Citizen of the World; an intellectual and morally bankrupt party kidnaps energy from its owners as it seeks to de-industrialize the nation in search of permanent power over victim-dependency constituency within a world without walls; and the evil we are defeating on the other side of the wall takes heart that their community organizing will be easier if a Chicago version takes American power off the table.

I have always preached substance over procedure. So as my good friend for three plus years, Neil Stevens, labors over procedure in the ruins, I will heed FDR’s admonishions after 1929 and 12/7 and Dubya and Rudy after 911, and labor on substance amidst the ruins.

We must and we shall save this Greatest Hope of Man on Earth and preserve the Shining City on the Hill.

I don’t offer empty platitudes. Look at my archives and then look at Obama’s “present” votes.

Then look at John McCain’s, who had no luxury of a Sabbath for seven years for you and me.

God Bless America and Redstate.

The Cock sees the dawn.

Sabbath over.

Fight on!